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What does ‘organic’ mean to me

To celebrate Organic September I’ve been set the challenge by Organix to share with you all what ‘organic’ means to me.  I’ve always been really open about how we feed our family on a tight budget but that doesn’t mean we have to to compromise on quality.

Buying organic food, to me, means that I am giving my children the healthiest option possible, limiting the amount of additives or chemicals that my children consume.  I’m also a firm believer that you really can taste the difference and buying organic means you get a better quality of food. Honestly, we don’t buy everything organic but I’m trying to make the switch wherever I can.

Eating organic food on a budget

Things may be tight but there are certain foods that we refuse to compromise on to save money.  We always buy organic, free range eggs as personally, I don’t feel like the small saving I’d make to buy cheaper ones is worth the conditions that the chickens are kept in.  They also taste so much better and you can visibly see the difference when you crack them with the colour of the yolk.

Buying organic doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.  Making smart choices can make eating organic food really affordable.  We pad out almost all of our meals with vegetables or pulses, saving money and making our food even healthier.

We always add chickpeas and cauliflower to curry, bulk out a bolognese with grated veggies or lentils, use kidney beans and cannellini beans to bulk out a chilli… the list is endless! And seriously, as parents, who doesn’t want to get more vegetables into their kids diets?! Win Win!

Quick and healthy snacks

We love the Organix range in our house for quick and easy snacks for the children.  It’s such a relief to have something that we can grab and go with the added peace of mind that there’s no hidden nasties lurking inside.  I particularly love the Aldi baby and toddler events for stocking up on these, they have some great deals on so it’s always a really good time to stock up!

Megan’s favourite snacks have to be the Organix Cheese Baby Biscuits.   The shape makes them really easy to hold and they’re the perfect texture for babies to eat easily.

Good habits start young

Recently Harry’s been showing a real interest in where his food comes from so we’re hoping to start growing more of our own and use this as an opportunity to teach him about making healthy food choices.  We recently bought him a little planting kit and he’s currently growing his own baby cucumbers, strawberries and lettuce.  It’s a great way to teach him about what is really needed to create the food we eat and that food tastes better without additives and preservatives.

What does eating organic mean to you?  Is it something you think about when feeding your family?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

**This post has been written in paid partnership with Organix.  All views and opinions are my own and I never work with a brand that I don’t truly love.**

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