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Things I wish I’d known before I started weaning

There is so much advice out there for how and when to start weaning, there are a few facts though that I wish someone had told me before I started weaning.  I thought I’d share them here for anyone about to embark on their weaning adventure!

  • Even the best coverall bib is no match for a baby with baked beans.


  • Cereal sticks to high chairs, tables and floors like cement.  Seriously, you could build a house with Weetabix!  Wipe that stuff off the second it comes into contact with your furniture or you’ll be trying to chisel it off for the rest of forever!


  • Peas and petit pois taste very VERY different.


  • No more yoghurt completely justifies a tantrum of epic proportions


  • Babies don’t need teeth to be able to demolish a plate of food.


  • Hiding in the bathroom to eat something you don’t want to share is perfectly reasonable parenting behaviour.


  • A baby can turn a kitchen into a giant snow globe using only couscous and a lot of determination.


  • Every baby is different.  No two will wean exactly the same way or at exactly the same speed.


  • What goes in must come out.. Sometimes looking scarily the same as it did when it went in.  Also watch out for banana nappies. Brown strings are completely normal in baby’s nappy after eating banana but terrifying if you aren’t expecting to see them and think they’re worms!


  • Baby meal tax is a thing.  We soon realised when Harry started weaning that we would forever be having to hand over 20% of our food to him, whether he had his own plate with exactly the same on or not!  And leading on from this…


  • Stolen food tastes better.  Even for babies.


  • Tomato soup can rival any fake tan.  It gives a ‘healthy orange glow’ that can last for days!


  •  You will be surprised at how proud watching a baby slurp spaghetti makes you.   It’s seriously impressive watching a 7 month old figuring out how to slurp spaghetti for the first time.  Bonus points if they dump the bowl on their head to make a spaghetti hair do that makes great photos to embarrass them with on their 18th birthday.


  • You don’t need any special weaning equipment.  Sure you can get things that make life easier but the only essentials you need are a baby and some food!


  • You will end up with more food on the floor than in their mouth for the first few months.


  • Sometimes washing baby in the kitchen sink is the only option.


  • Like every stage of a baby’s life it is over far too fast and before you know it you’ll have a fully weaned toddler who will be fussier than Goldilocks about their food!

What do you wish someone had told you before you started weaning?  I’d love you to share in the comments!


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