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Spooktacular Lunch Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner my mum and I decided to get creative and make Harry a Halloween themed party lunch and tea.  Credit for this has to go to my mum.  She took the theme and went to town with it!  It’s the first time I’ve worked on a blog post with her… or anyone, and I really enjoyed it.  We definitely need to team up again!

Ghost Sandwiches

  • 2 slices of white bread
  • Cream cheese
  • 1 black olive

Spread the cream cheese on a piece of bread and place the other slice on top.  Cut into a ghost shape and then cut small pieces of olive to place on top to create the eyes and mouth.


To make one broomstick

  • Cheese slice
  • Carrot stick
  • A chive leaf

Using scissors, cut the cheese slice in half and then make cuts from the bottom upwards, leaving a 1/2cm section uncut at the top.  Wrap the cheese around the end of the carrot stick, so the cut section hangs over the end to form the bristles of the brush.  Use the chive leaf to secure the cheese in place by tying it around the cheese.

Sausage Spiders

  • Hotdog sausages
  • Spaghetti

Cut the sausages into 1cm long chunks.  Snap the spaghetti into 3cm long pieces, you will need 4 per spider.  Thread 4 pieces of spaghetti through each piece of sausage.  Boil the ‘spiders’ in a pan of water for 10 minutes.

Olive Spiders

  • Black olives

This one is really simple, cut the olive length ways approximately 1/3 of the way along then on either side, make 3 small cuts to create the legs.

Banana Ghost

  • 1 banana
  • 3 raisins

Cut the banana approximately 1/3 of the way down in a zig zag.  Create three small dents in the banana, two for the eyes and one for the mouth.  Press raisins into each dent.

Satsuma Pumpkins

Just draw a pumpkin face on a satsuma!  Simple!

Milk Jelly Worms

  • 1 135g packet of strawberry jelly (cubes)
  • Enough milk to make the mixture up to 3/4 pint.

Break the jelly into cubes and place in a measuring jug.  Pour over just enough boiling water to dissolve the jelly.
Allow to cool.
Once cool slowly stir in the milk so the mixture is 3/4 pint.
Stand a bunch of straws in a tall glass (trim them first so they are just a little bit shorter than the glass).
Pour the mixture into the glass so it fills all of the straws.  (Tapping the glass helps to remove any air bubbles.)
Put in the fridge over night to set  (4 hours minimum.)
Remove the straws from the glass and separate the straws.
Using the back of a knife, score along each straw (As if you were curling a ribbon) and the worm will pop out of the other end of the straw!

Chilli Stuffed ‘Pumpkin Pepper’

Make a Chilli using the recipe below:

Chilli Con Carne

Cut the top off the pepper and scoop out the seeds.  Carve a Jack o lantern face on the side of the pepper.  Stuff the chilli into the pepper and cook in the oven at 190°c for approximately 45 minutes.





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