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Small changes we’ve made to reduce our kitchen waste

I’ve shared a lot recently about how we’re trying to reduce our use of single use plastics and general kitchen waste on my social media.  We have a long way to go but I’m feeling positive about the changes we’re making so thought I’d share them on here.  They may not be perfect and I know we could do more but it’s a step in the right direction and that’s what matters.

So here’s a few of the changes we’ve made that I feel have been really simple but have reduced the waste we produce.

Using beeswax wraps

We were really lucky to be gifted these but I think I’m going to invest in some more.   I use these to wrap bread, fruit and leftovers.  When the kids don’t finish their lunch I wrap it up and save it for later, reducing our food waste as well as avoiding using single use plastics like clingfilm.

These wraps were kindly gifted to us from Pollen & Nectar.  They are more expensive than buying a roll of clingfilm but last much longer so in the long run using them will save us money.

Invest in a good lunchbox

I’ve tried a lot of lunch boxes over the years and they’ve all broken or lids have gone missing.  We’ve had our Yumbox now for over 3 years and it’s still good as new.  Before owning one I never would’ve dreamt of spending so much on a lunch box but I’m completely converted.  I have been gifted Yumboxes in the past but I’ve also gone on to buy additional ones myself.

While on the theme of lunchboxes I also like to buy large pots of yoghurt to portion out for lunches instead of the smaller, individual pots and where possible buy snacks in bulk to do the same thing.

Reuse plastic bottles

Not necessarily a kitchen related one but I’ve started buying a large tub of hand gel and decanting it into a smaller bottle to take out with me.  I love to have a bottle of this in my bag, especially when out and about with a toddler in nappies.   This has saved me lots of money and also reduced the amount of plastic I use.

Another thing I do, which is far from perfect but has cut down on plastic bottles I use is to use Zoflora and water in a spray bottle to clean most areas in my house.  A little bottle of zoflora goes a long way and I just keep refilling the same bottle with it.   I do want to look into more eco friendly cleaners (I’ve used Method before so may switch back) but for now it’s better than buying bottles and bottles of different cleaners.

Consider switching to bamboo kids crockery

I love our bamboo crockery from Bobo and Boo, it looks beautiful and is better for the environment than using plastic.  I’ve seen cheaper options for sale in Aldi as special buys recently so always worth keeping your eyes peeled!

Love your leftovers

There are so many ways to reduce food waste it needs it’s own blog post!  You can see some of the ways I do it here:

How I reduce waste and save money in the kitchen


Ok, so this is a really obvious one but spending a few more minutes to make sure things go in the right bin is so worth it!

Some shops have now started doing biodegradable carrier bags (our local co op does) which can be used in your green bin which is so handy and worth looking out for!

Check out your local sustainable living shop

We recently discovered a local plastic free shop and I love it.  You take your own jars or tubs, fill them up with what you need, weigh them and pay for the amount you need.  I’m completely converted and will be getting our pasta, flour, pulses, lentils and snacks from here from now on.

Use silicone muffin cases

We use these for all sorts!  Muffins, mini omelettes, mini fruity jellies… they’re really easy to clean and reuse and are lovely and colourful too!  You can also get silicone ice pop moulds which are great for freezing smoothies in to make healthy ice pops.  It’s a great way to use up fruit that could go to waste too!

Use face cloths instead of baby wipes

Baby wipes are so expensive and not great for the environment.  For wiping dirty faces a good old flannel is a much cheaper option.  You can get the ones in the picture above really cheap from Ikea or better still, cut up an old towel and make your own!

More changes I plan to make

I’m ordering some reusable silicone baking tray liners to use instead of tinfoil and am going to look into the price difference of using our local butchers instead of buying our meat in the supermarket.


I’d love to hear any tips you have to reduce your kitchen waste!  Please share in the comments 🙂

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