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Reasons why I haven’t been to weigh in this week… or for the past 4 weeks

I was so psyched up to get back into Slimming World and go to weigh in tonight.  Then I realised.  It’s been 4 weeks since my last weigh in.  2 I booked as holidays but 2 I was ill and didn’t text so will be charged for.  I’ve been off plan for the whole month I’ve not been to group and thought I’d share with you my very valid reasons why.

“I know I’m going to go off plan.”  Isn’t this always the case.  It’s my son’s birthday this week so obviously that one piece of birthday cake will ruin weigh in, may as well go all out and stuff my face with chocolate every day and take the whole week off!


“I can’t afford it this week”  As I walk to the shop to spend a fiver on a bottle of wine – perfect logic.


“I’ve been stressed and needed chocolate.” Honestly, it’s a medical fact that chocolate helps.


“I’ve worked hard today.  I deserve a treat.”  Filling your body with rubbish is the perfect way to reward it right?


“I don’t have time to cook. I’ll order a take away.”  Which takes 45 minutes to arrive…   Definitely couldn’t have cooked up something healthy, eaten it AND washed up in that time.


“I can’t afford to eat healthily.”  It’s much cheaper to buy three take aways a week instead of buying healthy ingredients isn’t it?


“I’ve ruined it now, gained some weight, what’s the point?”  Because that’s what I teach my kids all the time. You failed once so give up…


Wait a minute…

I can do this.

I need to get back on track.  I feel fat, slugish and less energetic.  My body is crying out for some healthy food and it’s time I listened.  So, I’m starting again.  Because failing once isn’t a reason to give up. Neither is failing twice or a third time.

So wish me luck.  All excuses are out the window and I’m back on plan and hoping to rejoin group soon.  If anyone knows of any free membership deals coming up in magazines please let me know, will make it much cheaper for me to rejoin than paying my missed weeks!


What’s your ‘best’ excuse to be off plan?

I’d love you to share in the comments!

4 Replies to “Reasons why I haven’t been to weigh in this week… or for the past 4 weeks”

  1. I found this week I’ve put a few pounds on and suddenly realised it’s because I’m eating whatever food my 2 year old doesn’t finish what’s on his plate!
    Good luck mamma

  2. I’m on Slimming world but I just do it at home which can sometimes be so hard! I know June is going to have so many off plan days and so far I’ve managed to maintain but it’s so hard to not just say screw it!

    Good luck!

    Kate xx

    1. Hi lovely,
      It’s so hard and I’m always so impressed by anyone who has the willpower and determination to do it at home without group!
      Stick with it but allow yourself those treats in moderation! You’re doing great!

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