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Organix Goodies: Super snack or a big fuss over nothing?

As someone who likes to make a lot of Harry’s food from scratch myself I try to be wary of the snacks I buy for him.  Like any parent, I want to give my child the healthiest foods possible but I also want quick and easy cheat foods that I can pop in my bag and take with us with no fuss or preparation.

When Organix offered to send us some snacks for Harry to try I jumped at the chance.  I liked the idea of their ‘no junk promise’ which promises that they will always use organic ingredients, never include any unnecessary ingredients and to always set high standards for children’s food.

When we received our box of goodies from Organix and Harry was immediately excited!  He couldn’t wait to try each of the tasty treats and often goes into the kitchen now and points at where the Organix snacks are kept shouting for “more!”

One of the first things that I looked at, as a parent, was the ingredients list on the packaging.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there wasn’t a single ingredient that I didn’t recognise or know what it was.  There were no hidden nasties, just as promised.

The first treat that we gave Harry was the banana puffcorn.  I think from the video below you can see that it was a huge hit!  He demolished the packet and then asked for more which means our greedy little monkey definitely gives these a big thumbs up.

This has been Harry’s reaction to most of the Organix Goodies snacks.. he loves them!

The next snack that we tried him with was one that I was really looking forward to trying.  The breadsticks!  I included these as part of his packed lunch and they were the first thing he went for.  I tried them too (of course) and they were really tasty and full of flavour.  I keep finding my husband sneaking them too so they appear to have a thumbs up from the whole family!

The gingerbread men are, I think, Harry’s favourite of all the products.  He loves them and has a complete meltdown if he doesn’t have one in each hand while he is eating them.  There are lots of biscuits in the packet which impressed me, as with all their snacks, the packet is full of tasty goodness and not half filled with air like you would expect with other brands’ snacks like rice cakes or crisps.  I tend to portion a packet of biscuits and he will usually eat a pack over the course of 2 or 3 days.

Soon after we received the box of treats there was a baby event on at Aldi, in the event they had Organix snacks at a bargain price and after the success we had with the products we had been sent we stocked up.

One of Harry’s favourite snacks that we bought from Aldi was the ‘Saucy Tomato Naughts and Crosses’.  He seems to like the snacks with a stronger flavour and when I first gave him some of these he grabbed the rest of the packet and ran off with them because he didn’t want to share!

They are fantastic but do be warned, they leave a lovely orange dust all over your carpet so maybe keep them away from any white fabrics!  The orange dust did vaccume away easily but I thought it was worth the warning if your toddler likes to tip their food out onto the carpet like mine does!

There hasn’t been a single Organix product so far that our son hasn’t loved (and we’ve tried quite a few now!)  They are so handy to throw in your bag and take with you and I would highly recommend them to any parents looking for a quick, easy, healthy snack for their little ones.

In the interest of full disclosure I want to state that we were sent these products by the lovely people at Organix to review.  We have not been paid for this post and all views expressed are our own.


What healthy, quick and easy snacks does your little one enjoy?

Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

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