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Organix Goodies Gummies Review

Harry has always been a big fan of the Organix snack range so when they contacted us offering to send us a sample of their new Organix Goodies Gummies Multipack we couldn’t wait to try them.

As a busy parent to a whirlwind toddler I am always on the lookout for quick, healthy snacks that I can throw in my bag in a hurry and take out with us for the day.  I like to take fresh fruit where possible but sometimes it’s just not as convenient, meaning sticky fingers and waste to carry around with us for the rest of the day.  When choosing a ‘packet snack’ I like to choose the healthiest option possible and I know that with Organix ‘no junk promise’ I can feel secure that what I am giving to my son is safe and healthy.

Made from 100% organic fruit, Goodies Fruit Gummies are fun shaped fruit snacks, bursting with flavour, for toddlers over 12mths (older siblings can enjoy them too!).  Each Organix Goodies Gummies multipack includes five single portion 12g bags, made up of two Blackcurrant Stars, two Raspberry and Apple Moos, and one Strawberry Gummies, perfect for mixing it up!  They come with the Organix No Junk Promise, a stamp of reassurance for parents that they are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary, so little ones get great tasting snacks without the junk.

Since we received the multipack Harry has tried all three flavours.  He loves them all!  Often we have trouble getting him back into his push chair as he loves to walk and be independent.  Show him a packet of these though and he’s back in there like a shot! (Yes, I have been known to bribe my child with food!)  He calls them sweeties and likes to eat them like each one is a delicacy, saying “Mmm, delicious!” after each one.  Harry (and Mummy and Daddy if I’m being completely honest) loves all of the flavours in the multipack but I think his favourite would have to be the Blackcurrent Stars.  He eats them so carefully, being sure not to drop a single one. The portion size is nice for children aged 1 and up, containing plenty of treats to keep them entertained but not an excessive amount for small tummies.

I’ve also heard that these treats can be used as a healthy alternative to gummy sweets for decorating cakes with.  We will definitely be giving it a try, just as soon as I’m brave enough to try baking with Harry!

These fantastic multipacks will be appearing in stores from April so keep an eye out for them! I know I will be. These will definitely be a changing bag staple from now on!

What are your favourite snacks for babies and toddlers?

Have you tried the Organix Goodies Gummies Multipack? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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