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Why you should never take your other half shopping with you! – Meal plan and shopping haul

I love going shopping the three of us, Harry loves having Mummy and Daddy there and it means one of us can look after him if he’s fussing whilst the other carries on with the shopping.  Alistair does tend to pick things up and put them in the trolly that weren’t on the list though!  I think we spent an extra £5-10 on extra little things that Alistair decided we needed.  I have to say, I wasn’t complaining last night though when we had ice creams in the freezer.  They were delicious!


Because we have been on such a tight budget over the past few weeks we have needed to replenish some basic things.  We often have one “big” shop, just after payday, when we restock cupboard essentials like flour, passata, cordial (for us, not Harry), coffee, teabags, frozen vegetables etc.  Which is another reason our shopping cost more than our usual weekly spend.

I also spent more than usual on baby wipes.  The Aldi baby event is on at the moment and I like to stock up on baby wipes whilst they are even cheaper than normal.  I think they end up costing less than 50p a pack if you buy a box of 12 packets, a bargain when you think that the box will last us three weeks.


Something else that made our shopping more expensive was clothes.  Harry has been in 9-12 months clothes since he was 6 months now, which has been great and saved us a fortune during a really tough financial patch.  He is a funny size at the moment though where his legs have stretched and all of his trousers are starting to look a little short but 12-18 months seem baggy on his tummy!  (If you’d seen pictures of my little chunky monkey 6 months ago you wouldn’t believe something in his size could be baggy on his tummy!)  It’s also the start of Autumn and the Summer shorts and t shirts just aren’t warm enough any more.

When he’s at nursery he is allowed to do all sorts of messy, creative activities throughout the day.  He usually goes through three outfits whilst he’s there and they end up covered in paint, water, sand, food… all sorts!  So I wanted some cheap clothes for nursery that I wouldn’t mind coming home covered in paint and also that were comfortable for him to run around in.  Sainsburys have a 25% off sale on all their clothing at the moment so we got some real bargains.  We got a set of 4 long sleaved t shirts, a set of 2 pairs of comfy joggers and a gorgeous Gruffalo rugby shirt style top which I love!  (Those who know me know I am a bit obsessed with Julia Donaldson and read her stories to Harry often.  His favourite at the moment is Superworm.)


I also managed to get a pack of 3 short sleaved vests in the Aldi baby event which was only £2.99.  They are really cute with little dinosaurs on and I love the colour.  I also stocked up on socks in Aldi.  We seem to have a sock monster in our house who steals odd socks, leaving me with a huge pile of socks without their significant other so I like to buy more when they are for sale in Aldi.  Any tips you have to stop the sock monster please let me know!



So, that’s enough of my spending and shopping haul.

Here’s our meal plan for next week!

Meal Plan



  • Beans on toast
  • Tuna pasta bake


  • Humous, pitta and peppers
  • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni


  • Pesto gnocci with grated cheese and mixed vegetables
  • Pizza chicken and homemade wedges.


  • Sandwiches
  • Spaghetti and meatballs


Harry eats all three meals at nursery.



  • Sweet potato cheese balls (Recipe available on our recipes page.)
  • Sausage casserole


  • Cooked breakfast brunch
  • Roast chicken dinner

 Money saving tips for the week!

  • Buy clothes from your local supermarket in the sale.  We saved a fortune by getting clothes from Sainsburys whilst it is 25% off.  Of course I like to indulge in a Next or Marks and Spencers splurge every now and then but for clothes to go to the park or nursery in, we go to Sainsburys, Asda or Primark every time.  The quality is good and they have some really nice designs – definitely worth checking out.
  • Stock up on essentials during the ‘baby events’ wherever you shop.  They usually have some fantastic deals.
  • Meal plan! I say it all the time but it does make a huge difference.
  • Portion things up for the freezer.  We will use the beef and pork mince to make meatballs.  I will make enough for 2 meals and freeze them in meal sized portions.  This way I am less likely to waste food by cooking too much.  We always split garlic bread into ‘meal sized bags’ too.  It helps us to waste less and helps us not to accidentally eat a whole baguette between us!




Thank you for reading.

What are your favourite money saving tips?  Do you have a fantastic way of planning your meals and saving money?  Please let me know! I’m always after new ideas!

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