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Megan’s Nursery Tour

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on Megan’s nursery and I’m so proud of it.  We did it on a really tight budget and it’s a very small room but I think we’ve made a beautiful space for our daughter using what we had.

We chose the colour scheme grey and pink and I wanted it to be a calm, dreamy space.  We decided to have clouds and hot air balloons as the theme.

The colour on the walls is Dulux ‘Pretty Pink’ silk emulsion.  We were really lucky that a friend had a full tin left from when she decorated her daughters bedroom that she gave us.  I love it and think it looks lovely with the grey.

The carpet was a very generous gift from my Grandparents and we are so grateful for it.  It’s really soft and such a beautiful grey.

The furniture is what used to be in Harry’s room and is the Darlington set from Mothercare.  We have the cot, dresser and wardrobe.

I was so happy when I found this beautiful cloud bedding in my local Tesco.  It was really inexpensive and fit our theme perfectly.  Megan’s cuddly toys are stored in here at the moment as she isn’t sleeping in here but will be taken out when she starts using the cot to make it as safe as possible.

You can find information about safe sleep for babies here.

Behind Megan’s cot are these frames and wall hanging.

The balloon print is so special.  It has Megan’s birth details on it and was from Created by Magic.  I love it so much!

The frame on the left has mine, Alistair’s and Harry’s handprints in it.  I wanted to add Megan’s but she wouldn’t unclench her fist so I decided to leave it as the hand prints of the people who love her most in the world instead!

The wall hanging is from an Instagram seller called Felt and Fuzzies.  I looked for a link but can’t find them anymore so I don’t know if they’ve changed their name or aren’t on there any more.  If I can find out I’ll add a link to them!

Above Megan’s bed are some felt hot air balloons.  I made them when I was pregnant and am so proud of how they turned out!  It’s the first time I’ve attempted to sew since high school and it is clear that they were made by a complete amateur but I kind of like that in a way.  They were made with love for Megan by her mummy while she wriggled away in my tummy.

My favourite thing in Megan’s room is her cloud shelf.  My dad made it and it’s just so pretty!!  Hanging from one of the hooks is a ‘born in 2017’ balloon from Next and on top of the shelf are some cuddly toys and books.  ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ by Dr Seuss had to be up there.  It was one of the readings at our wedding and I think it’s really appropriate for a newborn with their whole life ahead of them!

The lampshade and curtains are from Dunelm Mill.  They’re a really pretty grey colour.  The lampshade has stars cut out of it and makes beautiful star patterns on the ceiling and walls when the light is switched on.  The curtains have stars and clouds on and are black out curtains (essential for children!)

Since Megan was born her favourite place to sleep has been in the sling.  I made this button frame a long time ago but it seemed appropriate for it to be in her room so now stands proudly on her dresser.


I hope you like our little lady’s bedroom.  She wont be sleeping in there for a few months yet but I had to share it with you! It’s far from perfect and is hardly Pinterest worthy but it’s built with love and just shows what you can do with a small room, tight budget and amazing friends and family.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people who have helped us to paint, given us or made us things and helped along the way.

My mum and best friend Emma helped paint the walls, my grandparents provided the carpet and furniture, my dad made the shelf, my friend Sophie gave us the paint… We are just so lucky!  Thank you so much to everyone who helped.  We love you all millions and Megan is one very lucky girl to have you all in her life.


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