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Megan’s first meals: Baby Led Weaning meal ideas

Megan is now 7 months old and, just like her brother, is turning into quite the little foodie!  We are doing baby led weaning so she really just eats what we are.  I’ve put together a little post though to show you some of her favourite meals and how we serve them so they’re easy for her to feed herself.

Vegetable Sticks

Megan’s first food was just really simple vegetable sticks.  Steamed and cut into finger sized pieces this is how we started weaning with both of our little foodies.

Porridge Fingers

These porridge fingers are really quick and easy to make and are one of Megan’s favourite breakfasts. You can find the recipe here.

Mini crustless quiche

These little quiche are another family favourite, Megan loves them and they’re a lot easier for her to pick up than different types of eggs.


Even soup isn’t off the menu for Meggy, we give her toast and these MAM dippers so she can eat it.  I help her dip the toast or preload the dipper for her then she does the rest.

Spicy Food

Meg is a huge fan of spicy food. She loves curry and chilli, grabbing it by the handful and shoving it in her mouth.  It’s messy and the nappies the day after aren’t for the faint hearted but both my babies have always loved food full of flavour and spice!

The mat in the picture is an easy mat from Easy Tots.  For 10% off everything on their website use discount code: FIRSTFOODS10


I’ve found spirals the easiest for Megan to pick up.  When she turned 7 months and her fine motor skills improved I started adding peas and sweetcorn to pasta dishes to give her opportunity to practice her pincer grip.


So this is an obvious one but I have a few tips for serving fruit to a baby who has first started weaning.  I cut triangles out of either side of slippery fruit like mango to make it easier to grip.  Grapes are a choking hazard so should be quartered for baby.  Leaving the rind on watermelon is a great way of making it easier to hold onto.


Egg is a great source of protein.  Megan likes them scrambled or hard boiled as they’re easy to pick up.


I love packing these full of finely chopped or grated veggies for Megan.

Spaghetti or noodles

Meggy loves spaghetti or noodle dishes.  She grabs it by the handful and slurps it up!

Houmous and dippers

We tend to use breadsticks, pitta bread, toast or veg sticks as dippers.  She still needs a little help to dip but she’s starting to have a go herself.

Beans on toast

Megan loves beans on toast.  I squash the bean onto the toast so they don’t fall off as easily.

Anything goes!

Really, Megan just eats whatever we’re eating.  That’s the beauty of baby led weaning!  When we cook for the family we don’t add salt so that it’s safe for Megan and healthier for us all.

What are your little one’s favourite meals?

I’d love you to share in the comments!


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