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Megan’s 6 Months Old!

I can’t believe I’ve just written that.. Megan is a whole 6 months old.

I feel like the time is flying by far too fast and my baby is growing up faster than I can keep up with.  This isn’t going to be a long post.  Just a place for me to record some memories for our little girl.

New Skills

At 6 months old Megan has found her toes!  She is constantly grabbing them and playing with them.  Her aim is getting much better too and she is pretty good at grabbing toys on her first attempt now.  She still isn’t rolling.  She did it twice front to back and decided she couldn’t be bothered doing it again.  She does however manage to turn a full 360° whilst on her play mat so she’s definitely starting to think about moving… just in her own way!

Meg is very sturdy whilst sitting now and loves sitting her bumbo seat or sitting upright on the carpet with us helping her to balance.  She also loves her jumperoo and makes herself very busy with the toys on it.  She doesn’t tend to bounce like Harry did, more hop from foot to foot like she’s dancing.  It’s so cute to watch.

Megan is still a very sociable baby and is becoming more content at being held by people that aren’t mummy (thank goodness!)  She definitely knows her name and responds to it and likes to take turns in babble conversations.


The big one! We have started weaning!  We started two weeks ago actually.  Megan showed all the signs she was ready and, whilst sat around the table for dinner she grabbed a carrot.  So we let her. And she loved it.

Since then she seems to be following in her brothers footsteps and has taken to weaning like a pro!  She now eating 3 meals a day and gets really excited when we put her in her high chair!  I’ll do a separate post about our favourite things that we’ve used while weaning Megan but we’ve been doing baby led weaning so she has mostly been having what we have.

For her milk Megan is still breastfed.  She has the occasional bottle of formula if I’m out but is quite fussy with it.

Megan’s favourite things

Megan loves her jumperoo and her playmat.  She still loves her doll that I’ve mentioned in previous posts and likes a Jellycat mouse toy that she has too.

Megan’s favourite thing to play with has to be her brother though.  They are still completely obsessed with each other and it’s the nicest thing to see.

Megan still loves being worn in the sling and cuddled close.  She’s a bit too small to go in the Tula so is still in the stretchy wrap for now.


Megan is still in 3-6m clothes but is starting to fit in some 6-9m too.  She definitely seems to be having a growth spurt since she started weaning!



Megan helped to build her first snowman this month.  She also enjoyed her first day out in the pushchair instead of the pram!

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