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Megan is 5 months old

I can’t believe another month has passed already and Megan is a whole 5 months old!

She is such a joy and continues to brighten up our lives.  Meggy is still such a dainty little dot and is only just growing out of her 0-3 months clothes.  She is quite chilled out and doesn’t seem to be in any rush to start rolling over or sitting unaided.  She is getting more skilled at grabbing for things and guiding toys to her mouth.  She has put her own dummy back in a few times now!  Her favourite toys are still her ballerina doll and her Lamaze firefly.

Megan is a right chatterbox.  I swear there are times that she babbles and sounds like she’s saying ‘hiya’ when she sees someone.  She loves being talked to and has a smile for everyone.  Honestly, I’ve never known such a smiley baby!

Meggy Moos sleep dipped to an all time low at 4 months but she seems to be gradually improving.  She now sleeps in her own room and seems a lot more settled in there.  She falls asleep in her cot rather than on me and I’m hoping this continues.

There’s not much more to report really this month.  Megan adores her big brother and they save their biggest smiles for each other.  It  amazes me how they love playing together already.  Harry is so gentle with her and loves getting her toys or giving her kisses when she cries to cheer her up.

We’ve started getting ready for Megan’s big milestone next month… weaning!  Her high chair arrived this week, she’s having a Stokke Tripp Trapp like her brother so she can sit at the table with the rest of her family.

We’re not sure exactly when Megan will start weaning.  Harry started at 5 months because he showed all the signs he was ready.  Megan isn’t yet.  I’ll do a separate post about weaning but we’re going to follow her lead so I can’t really say specifically how we will wean or when!

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