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Meal Planning during pregnancy sickness: This week’s meal plan

I feel like I should point out that this meal plan is a loose idea of what I will attempt to cook for Harry and Alistair next week.  Whether or not these are the things I actually end up cooking I don’t know, it all depends on how I feel and what I am capable of.  I also need to be very wary that what may be a safe food for me one week might make me sick on the spot just by preparing it, let alone eating it so there is a large amount of flexibility in these plans.  My meal plan for the week will mostly consist of Kelloggs Frosties, salt and vinegar crisps and ice lollies, the foods I can eat, but as a mother I know that I can’t inflict my crazy diet on my family.

So wish me luck that I manage to prepare most of these meals for Harry and Alistair with minimal sickness.  Most of these meals are really quick and easy to make so I’m optimistic that I will manage.

Meal Plan


  • Houmous, pitta bread, fruit and salad
  • Chicken, mashed potato, vegetables and low salt gravy (The chicken will be left over from Sunday’s dinner, the mashed potato and vegetables are frozen so really quick and easy to prepare with minimal smells!)



  • Carrot and lentil heart crackers, cheese and salad.  (I made these last week and froze a batch so these will be really quick and easy to just defrost and serve.)
  • Fish fingers, mashed potato and mushy peas



  • Harry eating at Nursery



It’s Mother’s Day… Daddy is in charge of cooking for the day!



I’ve taken a stricter approach to snacking this week as constant grazing seemed to have a negative affect on Harry’s appetite at meal times.  It has worked a charm and I will be continuing with that next week.  Harry will be having one larger snack mid morning and another snack mid afternoon.  He will not be allowed to graze and ask for things from the fridge as and when he pleases.  I think up until now I gave in to him because, lets face it, who can say no to a toddler with a fruit addiction and the most beautiful manners I’ve ever heard?! I’ve since realised that I’m not doing him any favours by giving in every time he asks for something so limiting snacks is here to stay!

I’ve also bought some more packet snacks after the success of the Organix gummies, while I’m ill anything that makes life a little bit easier is a definite win.  I’ll let you know what he thinks of them.


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  1. I always meal plan especially now there is 6 of us however I can sympathise totally over the sickness I was sick in the fridge isle in Asda when I saw the word pastrami on a packet oops I was pregnant with twins and it was the worst pregnant ever

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