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Meal plan



We spent less than £40 on our groceries this week, including snacks, nappies and wipes. All of the ingredients for our meals are from Aldi, except for lamb mince as they didn’t have any and pesto which we get from Marks and Spencers as it is the lowest salt pesto we’ve found.  You could make your own pesto with no added salt which would, of course, be better.

Meal Plan:


Cheese savoury wraps

Shepherds Pie


Egg salad
Tuna pasta bake


Turkey burgers and savoury rice
Pesto puff pastry slice


Philli veggie pasta
So juicy chicken with homemade wedges


Nursery cooking for Harry


Flexi day


Roast chicken dinner


What are your little foodies eating next week? Let us know! We love to hear your fantastic meal ideas.


5 Replies to “Meal plan”

  1. Looking forward to seeing your recipes. I’m always after more food inspiration for the family. Often feel like I am ‘stuck’ Making the same stuff all the time.

    1. Thanks! Part of the reason I started the website and meal planning was to put more time into being more creative with our meals and to make sure we were eating a more balanced diet.
      So glad it is helping other people too!

  2. I absolutely love all this. I’ve just found it today. I’m a childminder and will definitely be trying your recipes out. It’s great x

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