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Meal plan – Switching the balance between meat and veg

This week I have decided to do something a bit different.  Usually we eat meat most days, with maybe one or two days a week where we eat vegetarian meals.  Next week, we are cutting down on the amount of meat that we are eating, we will still eat meat but just not as much as we usually would.  I’ve decided to do this for a few reasons, firstly, to save money.  It’s December, Christmas is expensive and we are broke so cutting down on one of the most expensive ingredients in our diet will save us precious pennies!  Secondly, I’ve been finding myself enjoying meat free meals more and more, the more time I spend in the kitchen cooking for Harry, the more I realise there are so many sources we can get our protein from without needing meat every day.


Meal Plan


  • Savoury muffins with veg sticks and homemade houmous
  • Spaghetti carbonara with vegetables and garlic bread (recipe will be posted on Monday evening)


  • Dippy egg and soldiers
  • Lasagne


  • Cheesy veggie pasta
  • Veggie omlette


Harry eating at Nanna’s house

  • Vegetable soup
  • Pizza


  • Sandwiches
  • Chilli chickpea and lentil sauce and rice.  (I just use the Friendly First Foods soup recipe, it makes a perfect sauce too!)

Saturday and Sunday

Visiting family for the weekend.  No plan other than to have a lovely time ☺


To find the recipes featured on our meal plan visit:


What are you eating next week?  Do you tend to eat more meals with meal or without?  Have you reduced the amount of meat you eat and enjoyed it so much you made it a long term lifestyle change?  I’d love to hear your opinions!



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