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Meal plan and healthy snack ideas!

I feel like I need to start this post with an apology.  This is the first meal plan for a few weeks. I’ve not been feeling very well recently and we’ve had a lot going on so have just kind of “winged it” for a few weeks.

Our last few weeks have been busy but the main change in Harry’s life recently has been his move into a big boy bed! I’ll be honest.. I was expecting at least a week of hell while he got used to his new found night time freedom. I needn’t have worried though, he has been amazing! Other than a few horrific nap times he has been completely unphased by his change of bed. Fingers crossed this isn’t just a fluke and things continue like this!


We’re back on it now though and I’m excited to share with you next week’s meal plan.  I’m hoping to try lots of new healthy meals and have some new recipes to share with you!

Before I share my meal plan I wanted to share with you some of the healthy snacks that we give Harry throughout the day.

Healthy Snack Ideas


This goes without saying but Harry loves fruit!  We like to vary the fruit he has and give him as wide a variety as possible.  A great way of reducing waste and cost is to buy frozen fruit and serve it defrosted in yoghurt or buy fresh fruit at the end of the day when it is reduced in price.

Organix Goodies Snacks

Harry loves these as a treat and I love being able to throw them in my bag and know that I have something quick and easy with me that Harry will enjoy.  His favourites at the moment are the banana puffcorn, gingerbread men and the cheese and chive breadsticks!

Fruity Yoghurt Drops

When Harry is teething he loves these fruity yoghurt drops!  They’re quick and easy to make and are nice and cold to sooth sore gums!

Houmous and dippers

Harry loves houmous.  This is more of an ‘at home’ snack as he can get quite messy whilst eating it but we love this as a healthy snack served with breadsticks, peppers, carrot sticks, cucumber… anything goes really!

Aldi Mamia Rice Crackers

Harry loves these!  We do our weekly shop at Aldi and I’m always impressed with the quality and value of their products.  We usually serve them with some fruit as part of a snack.  You get loads in a packet so we find it lasts us a week!



Meal Plan



  • Moroccan vegetable tagine


  • Yumbox packed lunch (Harry is eating at Nanna’s house.)



  • Tortilla wraps and salad (Harry eating at Nanna’s house)



  • Harry eating at nursery.
  • Tortilla pizza and homemade sweet potato chips



Flexi day

What are you eating next week?  Please share your meal plan ideas in the comments below!

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