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Meal Plan and Aldi Food Shop

We have had a lovely weekend this weekend, visiting family in Bristol. We had the most amazing time and Harry loved every second.


It was back to reality today though and now that we have finished our cupboard cuisine challenge we needed to do some shopping!  We sat down together and planned out our meals for the week first.

This is what we will be eating:

The lunches are all just suggestions, and could be served on different days.  The evening meals are what we will be strictly sticking to.

Meal Plan


  • Beans on toast
  • Roast chicken dinner


  • Pizza Pinwheels
  • Savoury rice and chicken


  • Jacket potato with cheese and salad
  • Ratatouille


  • Pasta in cream cheese sauce with mixed vegetables
  • Pea and haddock risotto


  • We will be at work and nursery will feed Harry lunch and tea
  • Frozen pizza


  • Peanut butter burgers
  • Burritos


  • Turkey burgers
  • Flexi day (leftovers, cupboard food or spontaneous off plan meal!)

After planning our meals for the week we checked the cupboards for what ingredients we already have and then wrote our shopping list.

We have set ourselves a strict £40 budget for groceries per week this month so good planning before shopping is essential to stay within that.

We do our shopping at Aldi, we find the quality and value for money fantastic and get 90% of our groceries from there. Anything we can’t get from Aldi I get from Sainsburys.  I like to walk with the pram so that I can’t be tempted to buy more than I went in for!  We also get our nappies and baby wipes from Aldi. They are brilliant and if you haven’t tried them I would really recommend giving them a go!

I will be adding the recipes for our meals throughout the week along with honest Harry reviews so please come back and check them out! Also if anyone has any tried and tested recipes using coconut oil to cook in please let me know!

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