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Love Amber X Jewellery Review

Megan is 8 months old and has been teething on and off for about 5 months  now with nothing to show for it.   I’ve talked about it a lot on my social media and lots of people have recommended amber jewellery to me as a natural remedy.  I’ll be honest I’m always sceptical of things like that but  decided to try   Love Amber X   as I was recommended by so many people. I was intrigued and jumped at the chance.  I was happy that it was a UK based, family run company. Love Amber X  provided enough information on their website so I could make an informed decision to use it prior to placing my order..

First impressions of our amber jewellery

When the necklace arrived I was impressed with how it was packaged and presented.  It came in a little bag that it can be kept in to avoid it getting scratched or damaged and had clear care instructions so you can keep your necklace looking perfect.  A safety and small parts guide and care instructions were also included. I was happy to see that Love Amber x take safety seriously.

The necklace I was sent was a Child Honeysuckle Pink Agate Polished Honey Baltic Amber necklace and it has three beautiful pink beads alongside the amber ones.  It’s so pretty and I love the girly touch the pink beads add to it.

The amber beads are a beautiful colour, they each have their own special charm about them and the clasp blends discretely into the necklace with two beads that screw together, meaning even if it twists round it looks stunning on baby.


The beads are soft, smooth and the string is knotted between each bead so it won’t snap and send them flying everywhere.  This was really reassuring to me as it makes the necklace safer because baby couldn’t snap it and choke on the beads.  The clasp is also a screw fastening safety clasp that will come apart if caught on anything.

The necklaces come in different sizes so you can choose the perfect size for your baby.  I didn’t measure Megan’s neck quite carefully enough so hers is a little big at the moment but I’ve got around this by wrapping it around her ankle twice instead.


Our thoughts on the necklace

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if the amber jewellery has helped with teething or not.  Megan has been a lot calmer and more content recently even though she’s going through a really dribbly phase.  Whether this is linked or not I couldn’t say.  What I can say though is that I love her necklace.  It’s beautiful.  So beautiful.  Especially in the sunshine we’ve been having recently, the light shines through it and makes the beads look even more stunning.  I love seeing the light catch it when it’s on her ankle and she’s kicking her legs in the push chair.

I’d definitely order from Love Amber X again and would highly recommend their products.  They’re well made, stunningly beautiful and great value for money.  Ours arrived very quickly, literally a day or two after ordering, which I was very impressed by.

If you are thinking of ordering some amber jewellery for your little one I’d advise measuring their neck carefully.  It should be big enough to fit comfortably but small enough so it can’t slip up over their chin.  This was where we went wrong and I’m tempted to order a new one a little smaller so she can wear it as a necklace now.  I can see this being worn by my little girl for years to come and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first piece of jewellery for her.  It’s so girly and beautiful in a really natural way, just like my little Meggy!

What are your thoughts on amber jewellery?

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments box below!

From time to time the posts I write are sponsored posts. I was fully informed of safety guidelines and read all relevant information on the Amber X website prior to entering this collaboration.  All views and opinions expressed are always my own and I only ever recommend products that I really love.

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