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Last meal plan of the year: Batch cooking

Christmas 2016

After a magical Christmas, full of family time, laughter and over indulging, it is time to get back to reality and write my last meal plan of the year.  I am going to make the most of having Alistair home this week and get organised.  I’m planning lots of meals that I can batch cook and freeze, meaning that when I go back to work after Christmas I have lots of healthy, homemade ready meals prepared in the freezer.

I did a ‘big shop’ today, stocking up on meat and larder items so that by the end of the month, when we are inevitably feeling the January pinch financially, we will have plenty of healthy food to keep us going.  I find that buying in bulk and portioning off food ourselves for the freezer, or batch cooking, saves us a lot of money in the long run.

Aldi shopping haul- last meal plan of 2016: batch cooking

So here it is, our last meal plan of 2016!

Meal Plan


Boxing Day – no plan other than to eat, drink and be merry!


  • Tuna sandwiches and salad
  • Hidden veggie spaghetti bolognese. I made enough for 4 meals for the 3 of us.  Using the veg to bulk out the bolognese saves us money and helps us to get more vegetable goodness into our meals!

Hidden veg bolognese



  • Sweet potato cheese balls with salad.  Harry loves these! They are quite messy to make so I like to wait until I have a spare hour and make lots at once to freeze for the month ahead!

Sweet potato cheese balls

  • Chicken , chickpea and cauliflower curry.  Again, this will make 4 meals, one to eat today and three to freeze and eat at a later date.

Chicken tikka masala


  • Jacket potato, cheese and beans


  • Chilli chickpea and lentil soup. I make this in the slow cooker, it is really quick and easy and can be used as a sauce for rice dishes too. Usually this makes enough for 3 meals for our family.



  • Tuna croquettes and mixed veg.

tuna and sweetcorn croquettes

  • Mexican feast! Fajitas, chilli nachos, quesadillas… all with a helping hand by Old El Paso 😜 My sister and her fiancé are coming round for tea so we are going all out and having a feast! The chilli we will make enough to also freeze enough for 2 more meals.  Harry will have a low salt version of what we are eating.



  • Slow cooker vegetable soup
  • Homemade chicken nuggets and chips

Chicken nuggets


  • Cheese and lentil slice


  • Spaghetti and meatballs.  This is my favourite batch cooking meal! It is so cheap and easy to make and we usually get at least 4 or 5 meals out of the meatballs!



What at are your favourite meals to cook in bulk for the freezer?

Please share in the comments!



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