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Kids foodie favourites (And the things we weren’t that impressed with)

One of the things I get asked a lot is for our recommendations for all things kids food.  I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of products to help with feeding babies and children so I thought I’d do a round up of the things I’d recommend (and the things that I wouldn’t!)

Weaning Favourites

I thought I’d start with the things we used that made weaning easier for us.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Ok, so this is a bit of an extravagant one, they aren’t cheap but I personally think they’re worth every penny.  (And you can find second hand ones in great condition on local sale or swap sites, they last so well that it’s always worth searching for a bargain if the price is offputting.)  Both of my children have used the Stokke Tripp Trapp  since they started weaning and are both still using it now.  I love how they sit up at the table with us and are so easily adjusted to ensure the child is at the right height to eat comfortably from 6 months old then right the way through their childhood.


MAM Dippers

When Megan first started weaning these dippers were great for when she ate things like yoghurt.  We did baby led weaning so she fed herself and these were the only ‘cutlery’ she could manage in those early days.

Easy Mat Mini

This mat suctions to the table so baby can’t throw it on the floor.  I’ve tried quite a few suction mats but this one is the best I’ve found. The size of the mini was perfect for my 6 month old’s portion size and it folds up with a lid and travel bag to take out and about.  For 10% off on the Easy Tots website use code: FRIENDLYFOODS10

Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Set

Generally, I’m a fan of embracing the weaning mess but my mum and dad have a dog that likes to clear up the kids food scraps off the floor and because of health issues she isn’t allowed to.  This bib and tray kit is great to contain the mess that weaning brings and keep it off the floor!

Organix Snacks

We’ve loved these snacks since Harry started weaning and they’re so handy to throw in the baby bag and take out and about!  Both kids still really enjoy them and I love that they’re a healthy, convenient treat for my little darlings!

Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender

This little but mighty blender comes with loads of attachments and accessories to make creating and storing purees or mashed baby foods as easy as can be.  We didn’t do purees but if we did I’m sure this would have made life so much easier.  We use ours for making our own soups or smoothies and it’s amazing.  Really easy to use, works quickly and makes frozen berries and yoghurt into a smooth smoothie in seconds.  It’s been great for Harry to use as all he has to do is push the top down and off it goes!

Toddler/Kids Foodie Favourites


Anyone who follows me on social media will know that I love our Yumboxes!  Both of my kids are picky eaters so bento style lunches are perfect for them.  I’ve been using this lunchbox now for over 2 years and it’s still good as new.  You can put wet foods like yoghurt and houmous in and it doesn’t leak from compartment to compartment.  Honestly can’t recommend this product enough!

The Lunchpunch

This is definitely not an essential item but oh my goodness they’re fun!  We have a drawer full of these sandwich cutters that we use to make fun shapes in Harry’s sandwiches and he loves picking which one he wants me to use for his lunch each day.

Silicone Muffin Cases

We use these muffin cases for so many different things, cupcakes, savoury muffins, individual portions of fruity jelly, mini omelettes…

They’re really cheap and can be washed in the dishwasher and reused again and again.

Easy Tots Suction Bowl and Cutlery Set

Ok, it’s vain but it matches my kitchen and looks lovely on our dining table.  It sticks so well that I lifted up the table before it became unstuck when I was testing it!  The cutlery set is by far the easiest Megan has found to use and was the perfect transition from using her hands to eating with a fork.  The shape and size are really easy for her to use and she uses the fork or spoon for every meal now.

For 10% off on the Easy Tots website use code: FRIENDLYFOODS10  Use alongside code: FREECUT for a free cutlery set too!

Klean Kanteen Insulated Canister 

These canisters are great!  I’ve used them to keep frozen yoghurt bites or ice cream cold in the summer and soup or pasta hot in the winter.  It seals well so is great to throw in Harry’s school bag so he can have a nice warm lunch in the cold weather we’ve had recently.

Things I wouldn’t buy again

Ok, I feel a little controversial writing this but I like to be honest with you so here’s the things that I own but wouldn’t recommend to a friend.

Weaning Nets

Most people love these weaning nets, and if you’re nervous with weaning your little one then they’re good for putting your mind at ease.  I only used ours once though, then lost the net and went back to just handing Megan finger sized pieces of food to chomp on!

Kids Klean Kanteen Drink Bottles

I  LOVE the adult insulated Klean Kanteen cups and bottles.  They’re great and keep my cup of tea hot for hours.  I would recommend them to anyone and use mine daily.  The kids versions however I was a bit underwhelmed by.  The sports cap on Harry’s broke and started leaking within a few months and the sippy cap lid is far too easy to lose for a disorganised mum like me (It’s a small transparent piece of plastic that you have to completely remove from the bottle to drink from it)!  I love that they’re metal and love so many other Klean Kanteen products but I personally just didn’t get on with the kids bottles.

Ikea Plastic Kids Cutlery

Harry is now at the age where he can use a knife and a fork to cut and eat his food independently.  He finds it so difficult to do with these plastic knives and forks though.  If you’re heading to Ikea to pick up some kids cutlery I’d recommend the metal sets instead.


What are your weaning faves or the things you bought that you really wish you hadn’t?  I’d love you to share!



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*Some of the products featured (both good and bad) have been gifted to me or sent as part of previous paid partnerships.


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