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June Favourites

I’m going to try and make this a monthly feature and share a few of the foodie bits we’ve been enjoying each month with you.  Here’s our June Favourites.  I hope you like them!

Schwartz Barbeque Seasoning

I am LOVING this stuff at the moment!  It’s perfect for BBQ pulled pork, hunters chicken, making your own BBQ dip… all sorts!  When cooking for Megan I like to avoid using pre made sauces where possible to avoid giving her too much salt and sugar.  This makes making our own BBQ sauces so easy and is also syn free, so a bonus for me too!You can get it here or most supermarkets in the herbs and spices section.

Frozen mashed potato

This sounds so silly but it makes life soooo much easier!  Most supermarkets do an own brand version of this and it’s a fantastic mid week cheat! I used it this week to make Bubble and Squeak, which was a big hit with the kids.

Nuby kids cup with straw

This is by far Megan’s favourite cup to drink from and she is able to use it independently, which is a win for both of us!  I always used tippy free flow cups with Harry but Meggy definitely prefers to drink through a straw, she’s much more confident and less messy with one of these while out and about.

Kiddylicious Biscotti

We were sent these at the end of May and both kids loved them!  They’re pretty healthy too so a perfect treat for the littles!

Klean Kanteen Insulated Cup

I went back to work recently and this has been perfect for taking a hot cup of tea to work with me and knowing it will stay hot until I get chance to drink it.  It’s also been great for keeping cold drinks cool in the recent heat wave!  You can get the one I have in the photo above here.

Indestructable Book

Ok so this isn’t a foodie item but this has been Megan’s favourite toy while she’s sat in the high chair so I can cook.  It looks and feels just like a normal book but is wipeable, washable and wont rip… it’s fab!!  You can get this indestructable book and other titles from Books and Pieces.  They’re in the 3 for £10 offer which I think is a really good deal for some fab titles.  You can also use discount code: FIRSTFOODS10 for a cheeky 10% off.

Non slip dinner mats

Ok, I have two favourites here, depending on where we’re eating and which high chair we are using.  If we’re using a high chair with a plastic tray or going out and about I LOVE the Easy Mat.  The mini is best for out and about or the full size is great for at home.  You can use discount code: FIRSTFOODS10 for 10% off and free delivery on the Easy Tots website.

At home we have an unfinished wood table, so these mats don’t stick to it.  I’m yet to find a mat that sticks to it without slipping a bit but the one Meg finds the hardest to throw off is our Nuby sure grip miracle plate.


This time of year is perfect for picnics and Harry has become obsessed with eating outside.  His favourite foodie pick this month would definitely be his ‘picnic box’.  I love it too!  The yumbox is perfect for filling up, throwing in a bag and taking adventuring with us.  You can put wet foods like yoghurt and houmous in it and they wont leak, even when being thrown around by a bonkers 3 year old!

My Fussy Eater Cookbook

We’ve used the My Fussy Eater Cookbook a lot over the last few months so it deserves a mention!  It’s full of tasty recipes that are really easy to make and contain ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard.  Right up my street!


And that’s all for this month!

I could go on but I’m trying to keep these to just my very favourite things so they don’t get too long!  Would you be interested in a seperate post with our ‘non foodie favourites’ in too?  Let me know if you want one and I’ll get one up on the blog for you.


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