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How to eat a sandwich

How to eat a sandwich -by Harry Monaghan

Take the top off the sandwich.  It is important to check what Mummy has hidden inside before eating.


Remove all offensive salad items from the sandwich.  Mummy is sneaky.  She likes to hide tomatoes, cucumber or lettuce between bread and cheese, foods that I love.  This will not be tolerated and these items must be removed and thrown on the floor (or in Mummy’s face) before eating.


Eat the remaining sandwich filling (just the cheese) lick the butter off and nibble each piece of bread just a little.


Throw the bread on the floor before crying that you did really want the bread and demanding it be returned to your plate immediately!

Next week I will be teaching you how to turn your Mummy’s kitchen into a snow globe using just cous cous!

Thanks for reading!

Love from Harry


8 Replies to “How to eat a sandwich”

  1. Haha my little girl loves disecting her sandwich too.. Checking to see what’s inside, smelling it if its something unfamiliar like mummy is trying to poison her and depending on the filling will take it out or will start nibbling at the crusts first

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