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The Gentle Eating Guide Review and Giveaway

A while ago now, when I was pregnant with Megan I was asked if I would like to receive a copy of ‘The Gentle Eating Book’ by Sarah Ockwell-Smith to review.  I jumped at the chance and was intrigued to see what ‘gentle eating’ was all about.  I’ve heard of Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s other popular books like ‘The Gentle Sleep’ book and always liked the idea of taking a gentle approach but wasn’t sure it would work for us.  With Harry we followed his lead when it came to eating but did controlled crying when it came to sleep.  It worked for him and I’m a firm believer that some children do need a firm approach to some things.

Megan is completely different though.  She is a much more sensitive little soul and, whilst Harry was was desperate to roll and crawl away from the moment he turned 4 months old Megan just wants to be cuddled and has no interest in being independent just yet.

When I started reading the book, I’ll be honest, I was sceptical about what I would find inside.  The introductory chapters were interesting .  I actually really enjoyed the chapter about adult eating and found it really interesting when thinking about my own relationship with food and how that influences my children.

The book is split into chapters aimed at different stages of eating all the way from birth to eighteen years of age.  It gives information and advice on weaning for babies, picky eating, food refusal, over eating, snacking and eating at school  for younger children and also covers dieting, peer pressure, positive body image and gearing children up for independence for teenagers.

I focused on the baby and toddler chapters as they are applicable to me now.  I was impressed at how easy it was to relate the book to my family and how often I found myself thinking “Gosh, yes! That makes so much sense!”

I’m looking forward to reading the remaining chapters as my children grow up and am sure they will give me the same sense of calm confidence in dealing with any foodie issues that may arise for us in the future.


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