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First Week Back at Slimming World: What is our family eating? Meal Plan

Last weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday.  I’ve decided to make this the start of a healthier, happier me.

During my pregnancy with Megan I lost a lot of weight, kind of like a crazy vomiting crash diet.  So when I started eating normally again, and indulging over Christmas, the pounds piled on quickly.

I’ve done Slimming World before and always found it easy to follow and more of a lifestyle choice than a diet so it seemed like the perfect way to steadily and healthily get back into good habits.  The meals are tasty and filling and are suitable for the whole family.

This is my first week back on plan and my first week meal planning in a while.  My BuJo has taken a back seat at the moment as I wasn’t finding time to do it so I’m back to planning on a simple weekly planner that I found in Wilkos.

All of the recipes in this week’s meal plan are from these Slimming World recipe books:

Family Feasts on a Budget


Extra Easy Cookbook

Meat Free Monday

I’ve decided to plan for meat free Monday every week.  This should help us up our ‘speed food’, the extra veggies will be good for Harry too.  It will also help to keep the cost of feeding our family down and encourage us to eat a wider variety of protein instead of just meat.

Fakeaway Friday

Like lots of people, we love a cheeky take away.  I’ve decided to plan a ‘fakeaway’ once a week as something to look forward to.  I haven’t tried many recipes out of this book yet so I’m really excited to give them a go!

Meal Plan

So here it is! Our first Slimming World friendly meal plan of the year!  I’m only going to list our evening meals but let me know if you want a separate post with my ‘go to’ lunches, breakfasts and snacks too!

Monday: Chunky Italian Vegetable Pasta

Tuesday: Spaghetti Bolognese

Wednesday: Baked pesto cod and garlic mash

Thursday: Turkey burgers and couscous

Friday: Slimming World ‘doner kebab’ with sweet potato wedges

Saturday: Spicy chicken, spinach and potato curry

Sunday: Roast dinner

Would you be interested in Slimming World progress updates and how I’m finding staying on plan while cooking for the family?

I’ve decided to put regular meal plans up on the blog on a Monday but let me know if you want updates too!

2 Replies to “First Week Back at Slimming World: What is our family eating? Meal Plan”

  1. Would love go to lunches and breakfasts… I’ve just stared my own family, by little one is almost 3 months and I need help with family friendly foods (on a budget) love your blog and Insta ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Hello! I hope you had a lovely birthday. I’m about to start slimming world again and am looking for recipes to adapt for baby led weaning for my one year old. She always eats better if she thinks we are eating the same thing! I’d be very interested to see your meal plans for breakfasts and lunches too, I desperately need inspiration! Good luck on your journey.

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