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Finger food size guide and a really useful banana hack!

So here is out finger food size guide.  This is what worked for us, all babies are different and I’m not a weaning expert, just a mummy sharing what worked for me and my son.

6 months old

We gave mostly finger foods from 6 months and cut them into finger shaped and sized pieces.  The idea behind this was to make the pieces narrow enough to fit in Harry’s hand and long enough so it would stick out of the top for him to eat.  This was important because at 6 months he hadn’t developed his pincer grip yet.

6 months old finger food size


7 months

At 7 months old, Harry had a pretty good pincer grip. He loved picking up peas with his fingers and eating them one by one. We started cutting his food smaller at this point as he seemed to enjoy the challenge and we wanted to encourage that.

7 months old food size guide


9 months

At 9 months old We started offering a spoon or fork to Harry and encouraged him to have a go at using it. For the first few months he threw it straight on the floor but by about 11 months old Harry was starting to have a go. Now, at 16 months old, Harry is fairly confident with cutlery. He prefers to use a fork rather than a spoon as he finds stabbing his food easier than scooping it.

9 months finger food size guide


We gave Harry fruit in finger shapes to begin with.  With slippery things like mango we either kept the skin on or cut triangles into either side to make it easier to hold.  We kept the rind on oranges and watermelon and were amazed at how he just seemed to know which bits he could eat and which he couldn’t.

Initially we cut apples into finger shapes to make them manageable but since Harry turned 1 we have just cored an apple and handed it to him. He manages so well and demolishes the whole thing!

We split bananas into finger shapes for the first few months (see banana hack video below) but by 9 months we started just handing Harry a small banana without the skin on and he eats the whole thing.

fruit finger food sizes


We gave Harry seedless grapes once he had become more confident in using his pincer grip. I always cut them into quarters lengthways to avoid choking.  It is recommended that grapes are cut in half or quarter as if they are given whole they can get stuck in the throat and are unlikely to come out with back blows or chest thrusts.

We also quarter any other fruits that are the same size and shape as grapes, such as cherry tomatoes, blueberries and cherries.

Banana hack!

This was always my favourite way to prepare a banana to give to Harry.  I found that by preparing it this way, instead of cutting it with a knife, it was a lot less slippery and easier for Harry to hold.


13 Replies to “Finger food size guide and a really useful banana hack!”

  1. I never comment on posts I find online, ever, but I came across your post on Pinterest and this was SUPER helpful! My first baby had almost no interest in eating at 6 months but my second is really into it and I was struggling with ideas/sizes/etc. Thank you so much for sharing this useful info!

  2. My LO is coming up to 6 months however he was weaned early with purée but I want to start transitioning to BLW. I tried a few finger foods however he keeps gagging or ripping big chunks off of soft food and toast(his jaw is super strong!) and then he ends up gagging til he vomits! Please say it gets better! And do you have any tips???

    1. Hi, the best bit of advice I could give would be to read up on the difference between gagging and choking and maybe do a paediatric first aid course.
      Trust your instincts and follow baby’s lead. Whatever approach to weaning you take I’m sure it will be the right one for you and your son.

  3. Omg the banana trick was amazing! My little one is just starting to wean so think this will be so helpful!

  4. Your banana hack is amazing. I knew about the bottom of the banana and splitting it into three but had no clue you could just point your finger in the end like that!!!! My method was a bit more messy. I can’t wait to try this.

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