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Day out with 44 Cats at Gulliver’s World

Last Friday we were invited to go and meet some of the characters from one of Harry and Megan’s favourite TV programmes, 44  Cats (socially distanced of course.)

We headed to Gulliver’s World with 2 very excited children ready to see what the day had in store for us.

We were greeted by a lovely team who had 44 Cats goodies ready for the kids and we had the hard task of persuading them that they had to wait until the got home to play with them.  Harry was so excited to get a toy with a Meatball figure, his favourite character and Megan loved her Pilou toy.  (She loves the girly cats!)

We headed off for some fun before the main event of the day, meeting two of the characters.  I was a little nervous about going somewhere like Gulliver’s World under the current circumstances but everything was really clean and well organised which helped put my mind at ease.  The queues were short so we managed to get on the rides without the kids getting too impatient!

Harry was amazing at wearing his mask on the rides and I was so proud of both children.

All the rides were loaded so that families were socially distanced from each other and cleaned down between uses.  Seeing Harry and Megan’s faces light up while they had fun filled my heart with joy and, although it was different to usual, it was nice to enjoy a little ‘normality’ again during what has been such a difficult time.

Before we knew it the time came to head to the stage for the highlight of the day – meeting Lampo and Milady from 44 Cats.  If you haven’t see it before 44 Cats is a cartoon with fun, engaging characters and catchy songs.  It’s one of the few things that Harry and Megan both really enjoy watching together and I love the fact that it holds both of their attention even though they are 2 years apart in age.

Harry and Megan jumped up with excitement when they saw the characters and ran to say hello.  We tried to get some pictures but they were so excited to see them that they didn’t want to turn around for the camera, they just wanted to dance and play (from a safe distance) with the characters they love.

Megan was completely star struck bless her!

This was the best photo we managed to get, squinting into the sunshine before the kids turned around again to marvel at the cats!

After that we went on a few more rides and had some lunch.

The menu at Gulliver’s World is reduced at the moment as part of their Covid measures but the food was tasty and we really enjoyed it.

I can’t thank 44 Cats enough for giving us a magical family day out.  The kids had so much fun and as parents it was wonderful to see them enjoying a day that was all about them.  They’ve missed days out like this so much during lockdown and the memories it has given us are priceless.

When we got home the kids couldn’t wait to play with their new toys and enjoy their 44 Cats themed treats!

If you are looking for something new for your kids to watch on TV (let’s face it, we all need a little distraction for them every now and then while we get stuff done around the house, make dinner or go to the toilet in peace!)  I can highly recommend giving 44 Cats a try.  We stream it on Netflix but it is available on Nickelodeon too and lots of the songs are on YouTube.

Do your little ones like 44 Cats?  Which is their favourite cat?

Let me know in the comments!


*This post has been written in paid partnership with 44 Cats and the day out was very kindly gifted to us as part of this.  All opinions shared are my own and I would never recommend something to you that I wouldn’t recommend to my friends or family.*

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