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When Daddy was put in charge of the meal plan…

I’m not well.  The sort of not well where all I want to do is sit in bed, feel sorry for myself and pray that I won’t be sick again.  For the first time in a long time I admitted defeat and accepted that I couldn’t do it all.  I decided it was Daddy’s turn to meal plan.  I passed the meal planning reins over to Alistair and told him next week’s meal plan is entirely up to him.

I’ll be honest, part of me felt a little bit wary as I watched him drive off to Aldi with Harry in the car but a bigger part of me just felt relieved that it was one less thing for me to worry about.  Would he remember everything?  Would he make healthy choices?  It sounds cruel but these things did go through my head.

Alistair’s approach to meal planning is different to mine.  He likes to go shopping, with no list, buy food and then plan around what he has bought.  I prefer to meal plan and then make a shopping list from that.  I was sure he would come home with loads of food, having spent a fortune, but nothing to create a full meal.  I should have had a little more faith in him though.  He only went £6 over our £40 budget (and he didn’t get nappies or wipes but I did stock up during the baby event last week so that’s ok!)

Daddy’s shopping haul

Here is Alistair’s meal plan for the week:

Meal Plan




  • Pasta and pesto
  • Tuna steak, new potatoes and vegetables



  • Harry Eating at nursery
  • Shepherd’s Pie


Flexi Day


  • Cooked breakfast
  • Duck and pancakes

What are you eating next week?

Who does most of the meal planning, you or your partner?

Please share your meal planning ideas in the comments!


2 Replies to “When Daddy was put in charge of the meal plan…”

  1. Looks like Alistair did good! I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to the food shop and meal plans. But as you say, when you’re unwell, and need your partner to take control, they usually come to the rescue. I think it’s cause we set such a good example 😉

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