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Organix Healthy Birthday Cake Recipes and Goodies Giveaway

Organix has been one of our favourite childrens snack brands since we started weaning.  We love the ‘no junk promise’ and I’m yet to find any of their snacks that Harry doesn’t love.  Organix are currently celebrating their 25th birthday and, as part of their celebration, they have sent us some healthy birthday cake recipes.  I can’t wait to try them, especially with Harry’s 2nd birthday coming up next month.

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Chickpea cookies

Yep, you read that right!  Chickpea cookies! Cookies made from chickpeas!  I had seen a few variations of this recipe online before but was always sceptical.  I’ve had quite a sweet tooth recently and so has Harry.  We had a can of chickpeas in the cupboard so, inspired by online recipes, I decided to have a play and see what I could make. I was amazed by the end result.  So easy to make and they don’t taste at all like chickpeas, just cookies!  My fussy husband usually hates my ‘creative’ makes in the kitchen but even he just thought they were normal cookies and enjoyed it, so for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to cookies and looking to get extra protein into their child’s diet I’d definitely recommend giving these a go! Continue reading “Chickpea cookies”

Prune cookies: aka ‘constipation cookies’

When Harry was younger he went through phases of being very constipated. He would go weeks without a soiled nappy, his tummy would be rock hard and we could see he was very uncomfortable. I found that Ella’s kitchen prunes pouches really helped to ‘get him moving again’ and because I didn’t mind helping him eat with a spoon it worked well for us. It did get me thinking though, what would I do if I did proper baby led weaning and didn’t want to use a spoon? Prunes can be an acquired taste and texture and Harry never liked eating them unless they were puréed (by Ella’s Kitchen of course, not mummy!)

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Grape smoothie

I wasn’t going to type this one up, it was so quick, easy and unworthy of a recipe that I didn’t see the point in typing up how I made this grape smoothie.  But then I thought, why not share it!  Sometimes the simple things are the best and the easiest forgotten so I’m going to pop it on here so it’s safe and remembered.

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Simple homemade houmous

Houmous is a great way of getting healthy protein into your little ones diet. Shop bought houmous is great, and I’l be honest we used to use it a lot, but it can be pricey and have lots of added salt in it. Our simple homemade houmous recipe takes 5 minutes to make. It is delicious and can be kept for a few days in the fridge. Harry loves his with breadsticks and veg sticks or spread on toast!
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