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blueberry and carrot flapjacks

Yesterday was one of those days where Harry decided he wanted a biscuit.  He seems to think he’s the Highway Rat at the moment and is developing quite a sweet tooth.  He will appear at the door of the kitchen and say, in his best baddie voice, “give me your buns and your biscuits, give me your chocolate and cake.” I decided to make him a little treat with some bits and bobs that we had in the cupboard and created these blueberry and carrot flapjacks.

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Potato Cakes

The new year is upon us and I’m ready to start a serious healthy kick for our whole family.  I’m joining Slimming World next week and am keen to find foods that are on plan but also suitable for the whole family.  One of my biggest challenges is eating less bread.  I love bread!  I wanted to find an alternative that would satisfy my need for carbs and potato cakes are what I came up with!  Harry really enjoyed them and they filled us both up until dinner time!

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Festive Mincemeat Twists

These mincemeat twists are quick and easy to make, they are really tasty and the perfect shape for little hands to hold.  They aren’t the healthiest of snacks but, hey, it’s Christmas!  I’ve always been the kind of mum that believes treats are fine in moderation.  Harry has healthy food 99% of the time and would ask for an apple before he asked for a biscuit any day.  The occasional treat is part of life and, at 2 years old, I think it’s important that he see what a balanced diet is by experiencing a good balance of healthy food and the occasional treat.  Obviously I totally understand that some people would rather avoid refined sugar completely, in which case why not check out my festive chickpea cookie recipe at the bottom of this page!

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Festive Chickpea Cookies

These healthy, festive chickpea cookies are full of flavour and make the perfect Christmas treat!  They’re really easy to make and are refined sugar and gluten free.  I’m going to make some of these for Harry’s Christmas party this weekend and I think we’ll make some to leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve too.  Obviously, if you don’t celebrate Christmas these can be made without the festive shapes or writing but as Christmas is getting nearer I couldn’t resist putting a little twist on an old favourite recipe!

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Spiced apple and pear slice

Harry’s going through a phase at the moment where he’s constantly asking for cake and biscuits.  Don’t get me wrong, he also asks for lots of fruit but I’m finding more and more that he’s asking for a ‘treat’ and as he gets older I want to teach him that it’s ok to have treats in moderation.  In doing this I’ve found more creative ways to give him occasional treats while still keeping them as healthy as possible.  The spiced apple and pear slices recipe was made up as I went along this morning when we both fancied something sweet but had nothing in the house.  It has no refined sugars in and was really quick and easy to make.

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Creamy green pasta

This simple, creamy green pasta takes just minutes to make and is packed full of healthy goodness.  It was a big hit with Harry and will definitely be featuring on our lunchtime menu again!  Just a quick warning though, it is messy!  There is a strong chance your little one will look like Shrek after eating it but I’d say it’s well worth it.

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Carrot cake bites

I’m really enjoying making these ‘ball’ snacks at the moment.  They’re a great way to get your little one to eat lots of healthy goodness while disguising it as a naughty treat!  It’s the week before pay day and after splurging on decorating and baby things we’re on basic rations for the next few days.  After the success of the other ball snacks I’ve made for Harry I decided to rummage through the cupboards and see what ingredients we had in to make some more.  I decided to mix it up a bit and make some carrot cake bites and am so happy with how they’ve turned out.  Harry loved them and so do I!

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Tex Mex Bean Burgers

We’ve been trying to go meat free for a day a week recently and  I’ve been getting creative with tasty, ‘different’ meals that we can enjoy together.  These Tex Mex bean burgers were really quick and easy to make, super tasty and perfectly filling.  They may not look the most refined but the taste more than made up for it!

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Nutty strawberry bites

I’ve been really enjoying making new snacks for Harry recently and my secret mission at the moment is to try and keep him fuller for longer!  He seems to be constantly hungry at the moment and always asking for more snacks!  I’ve decided to try and add more protein more protein to see if it helps and these are a way of doing that whilst letting Harry think he is getting a sweet ‘naughty’ treat!

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Butternut squash Tots

These tasty butternut squash tots are an easy, healthy finger food and a great way to get your fussy little foodie to try butternut squash! (Well, it worked for mine anyway!)  They are easy to make and I managed to do it while Harry pretended to cook at the kitchen table so minimal effort was a must!

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