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The Gentle Eating Guide Review and Giveaway

A while ago now, when I was pregnant with Megan I was asked if I would like to receive a copy of ‘The Gentle Eating Book’ by Sarah Ockwell-Smith to review.  I jumped at the chance and was intrigued to see what ‘gentle eating’ was all about.  I’ve heard of Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s other popular books like ‘The Gentle Sleep’ book and always liked the idea of taking a gentle approach but wasn’t sure it would work for us.  With Harry we followed his lead when it came to eating but did controlled crying when it came to sleep.  It worked for him and I’m a firm believer that some children do need a firm approach to some things.

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Blade and Rose Leggings Giveaway with Little Chickie

To celebrate our new arrival, Megan, the lovely people at Little Chickie have not only sent us a beautiful pair of Blade and Rose leggings for her but have also offered to give away a pair to one of our fantastic Friendly First Foodie Followers!  Little Chickie have a huge range of unique, beautiful gift ideas for babies and are well worth checking out.  I have to say the leggings are a favourite of mine though!

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Organix Healthy Birthday Cake Recipes and Goodies Giveaway

Organix has been one of our favourite childrens snack brands since we started weaning.  We love the ‘no junk promise’ and I’m yet to find any of their snacks that Harry doesn’t love.  Organix are currently celebrating their 25th birthday and, as part of their celebration, they have sent us some healthy birthday cake recipes.  I can’t wait to try them, especially with Harry’s 2nd birthday coming up next month.

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Annabel Karmel’s Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book Review and Giveaway!

When the lovely people at team Annabel Karmel contacted me about their new Baby-Led Weaning recipe book I was excited to hear more about it.  I love finding new recipes for Harry to try and with another baby on the way I could use all the meal inspiration I can get!  It’s amazing how quickly you forget about those early days of weaning and, although it’s a long way off yet, I’m excited to learn ready for round 2 of our weaning adventures.

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