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Bonfire fun, parties and next week’s meal plan!

Bonfire night has always been one of my favourite nights of the year.  I love wrapping up warm to go outside in the cold and watch the beautiful colours in the sky with the people I love.  Bonfire nights used to be about spending time with friends, having a few drinks and lots of laughs at a local bonfire.  Times have changed and the years of drinking in a field are long gone but we were lucky to be invited round to a friend’s house to watch the fireworks with them last night.  I was worried how Harry would react to the fireworks but it turns out he takes after his mummy.  He loved them!! He was clapping and pointing excitedly as each firework went off.  He had such a wonderful time and enjoyed playing with the other children, chasing the tortoises and being spoiled rotten by all of the adults.  We got home at about 8pm, which is late for Harry and I was worried how he would sleep after all of the excitement but luckily he slept until 7am this morning! A definite win!


Today Harry went to his friend’s birthday party.  It was at Head Over Heels, a soft play we hadn’t visited before and it was fantastic!  Harry was so confident climbing up the steps and whizzing down the slides.  The food, as always, was his favourite part of the party.  It was fantastic and he ate the lot!  (No surprise there!)

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We are a step closer to our kitchen being complete this weekend too.  We now have all of our units fitted and the extractor fan is in and working.  We still have a long way to go until it will be finished but already it is so much nicer to cook in.  My goal for this week is to get all of our things back in the cupboards and try to tidy up so that we can move our dining table back into the kitchen.   I also feel like I’m having a never ending battle against dust but we are getting there and it is so worth it.  I will post a proper update next week for anyone who is interested in how it is going!

Next Week’s Meal Plan

So, on to our meal plan for next week!


  • Pulled pork wrap with salad and coleslaw
  • Tuna croquettes with mixed vegetables and homemade ketchup


  • Mini veggie omlettes
  • Spaghetti bolognese


  • Cheese and ham sandwiches
  • Peanut butter burger and sweet potato wedges


  • Chicken and avocado pitta pockets
  • Spaghetti bolognese


Harry eating at nursery

  • Chicken and cous cous salad
  • Pizza and chips


  • Scrambled egg on toast
  • Quesadillas


  • Homemade fish fingers, mashed potato and beans
  • Roast chicken dinner

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