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Back to normality! This week’s meal plan!

This week I feel like I have finally turned a corner.  I have come off my medication and my sickness is still at bay so I am starting to feel like I’m coping at life again.

I’m back on my meal planning mission and am planning around my cravings and aversions.  This means that what I plan may not always get eaten on the day I planned it for but I will make these meals this week.  My appetite is back and eating regularly seems to keep the sickness at bay so I’m allowing myself to eat when I want to.  Fortunately I am craving things like fruit, vegetables and yoghurt so I don’t feel guilty allowing myself to indulge!

I did a big shop this week at Aldi, spending £66 (26 over our usual budget) but I did buy enough wipes and nappies for 3 weeks, meat for the freezer and lots and lots of fruit and vegetables! (Oh and some beers for Alistair because I was feeling nice)

We need a bigger fridge!

So here is my meal plan for this week.  It’s half term and I’m excited to get back in the kitchen again now I’m feeling better so there will be lots of new recipes coming this week! (If they all turn out ok!)  I’ve had some of my favourite recipe books out for inspiration and am looking forward to the next few weeks of being adventurous and trying new things.  I’ve made some lamb kofta kebabs for tea tonight which have turned out great so I’ll post a recipe for them as soon as I get chance!

Meal Plan


  • Crab cakes and salad
  • Slow cooker chicken and Mediterranean veg


  • Chicken and avocado wrap
  • Homemade beef burger and sweet potato fries


  • Beans on toast
  • Tuna pasta bake


  • Sandwiches (packed lunch)
  • Puff pastry pesto slice


  • Spinach, feta and tomato tarts with salad
  • Hot dogs and sweet potato fries


  • All day breakfast
  • Curry night!


Flexi day!

What are you eating this week?  Do you meal plan?  I’d love to hear how you organise feeding your family in the comments below!

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