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Mid January Meal Plan

I’m feeling motivated this week!  I’m fed up of looking in the mirror and being unhappy with my reflection.  I’ve always put so much time and effort into giving the children healthy meals but I’m guilty of not doing the same for myself.  Over the past 6 months I’ve gained a stone and a half and I’ve lost so much confidence.  It’s time to stop crying into my chocolate about it and do something to fix it!  I go on holiday in June and would love to be able to enjoy myself and don’t want fear of my wobbly bits to get in the way of that.

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Quick and easy microwave recipe: Sweet chilli salmon!

I don’t know about you but some days I just can’t be bothered to cook!  Maybe we’ve got in late or the kids have been particularly challenging but sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to slave over a hot stove or even bother to preheat the oven!  My secret weapon for these kind of days, I have no shame to say,  is my microwave.  There’s so many quick and easy microwave recipes that we use in our house and I thought it was about time that I shared one of them!

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Banana and raspberry oat bars

It’s been a grim weekend here, really windy and rainy.  Harry goes completely stir crazy when he can’t get out as much as he’d like so I decided to do some baking with him to keep him entertained!  He loves baking and these banana and raspberry oat bars were the perfect recipe to make together.  It’s really quick, easy and he loved learning how to make repeating patterns when adding the toppings!  They are perfect for a healthy snack in packed lunches and went down a treat with Harry and Megan!

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Chickpea and vegetable curry

We’re still doing Veganuary at the moment and I’m surprised how much we’re enjoying it.  This chickpea and vegetable curry was so filling, tasty and really healthy.  It’s definitely something we’ll make again!  I can’t believe how much we’ve been enjoying the meat and dairy free meals.  Planning more meat free meals is definitely something I want to keep up with throughout the year.

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Eternally Cherished breast milk jewellery review

I’ve now been breastfeeding Megan for over a year.  She’s showing no signs of letting me stop any time soon and I’m happy to go with that.  I fed Harry for 7 months until he self weaned so I’m hoping to follow Megan’s lead and stop when she’s ready too.  I wanted to celebrate our achievement and when the chance to review some Eternally Cherished breast milk jewellery came my way it seemed like the perfect way to mark our journey.

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Banana and peanut butter energy balls

These banana and peanut butter energy balls are really quick and easy to make and perfect for cooking with your little ones.  I made these with Harry who loved being my helper.  They would be perfect for packed lunches (They will be going in Harry’s to school next week) or for a tasty, healthy treat.  Harry loves getting involved in the kitchen at the moment and I’m constantly looking for healthy treats we can make together.  These were perfect for getting my little foodie involved!

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Battling the baby led weaning mess: Tidy Tot Review

As fun as it is watching your baby feed themselves and enjoy the sensory play that comes with baby led weaning, there’s no denying that there’s a lot of mess that goes with it.  With both of my babies, I’ve found myself crawling around on the floor, struggling to clean up every last bit of food that they’ve dropped (or thrown) after every meal.  I love baby led weaning and have always embraced the mess that goes with it but when offered the chance to try the Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit, an award-winning product that banishises mess by eliminating the gap between your baby and the highchair, I jumped at the chance!

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