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August Meal Plan Week 2

Short and sweet meal plan this week, I’ve only planned evening meals again as it worked well for us last week.  I got giddy with my shopping last week so the meals this week are designed to use up the things I bought but didn’t use.

For lunches we will be having lots of quick and easy meals like sandwiches, soups, ‘picnic plates’ etc.  One of our favourite lunches at the moment is curried lentils with pitta bread, salad and natural yoghurt.  They sell them in Aldi now and are super tasty!  I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you get chance.  They take 1 minute in the microwave so by the time you’ve toasted a pitta, chopped some salad and put it on a plate it literally is a 5 minute meal.

As usual I’ve planned in my bullet journal and, like last week, I have included my meal plan as part of my weekly spread rather than keeping it separate.

This week’s meal plan


Spanish Omelette: I’m going to pack this full of potato and veggies to make it nice and filling!


Sausage casserole:  I’m going to make this in the slow cooker as an easy, lazy meal so I can hopefully have a productive day and get Harry’s bedroom painted!


Pasta and pesto: Nice and simple, our veggie meal for this week! I love this served with cherry tomatoes.


Slow cooker chicken and dumplings: I’ve never tried this before but I’ll let you know how it goes!


Pizza and sweet potato chips:  Harry will have tortilla pizza, we will have a frozen pizza!


Flexi day!


Roast dinner:  I’ve no idea what roast yet but I’m going to go to the local butcher and see what we fancy.  They have a great 3 for £10 deal and the meat is always so much nicer than from the supermarkets.

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