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Another week, another meal plan!


For the last month we have been meal planning through necessity.  Money has been tight after living on one wage before I started my new job and we had to be careful to get through the summer.  It’s been hard but we’ve done it! I can honestly say, that I’ve really started to enjoy planning our meals for the week. We have more than halved our usual weekly groceries spend and had a much more balanced, healthy diet.

I was concerned at first that we wouldn’t be able to afford fresh fruit and vegetables but by shopping at Aldi and planning meals that use the same fresh ingredients to avoid waste, we have eaten healthier than ever.

We have picked up some tips along the way.

  • Get creative! Things like making a spaghetti bolognese then turning it into a chilli for later in the week or serving ratatouille with pasta one night and chicken and mashed potato the next means you waste less and don’t get bored of repetitive meals.
  • Have a freezer stocked with fruit and vegetables to save waste.
  • Batch cook, including making a batch of pinwheels and freezing the rest, not accidentally eating them all in one go!
  • Make a a meal plan and stick to it!
  • Plan a Flexi day, one where you can go off plan if you want.

As of next week we will be back on two wages (well, one and a half but still!) We won’t have to struggle as much and count every single last penny.  But you know what, I’m going  keep my strict food budget and meal plan. I’m really starting to enjoy having a plan and saving money is always a good thing! (I’ll have more to spend on essentials like wine!)

So here is our plan for next week for anyone who’s interested:



  • Pinwheels and mixed vegetables (freezer food)
  • BBQ pulled pork (leftovers) with rice, cheese and salad.


  • Pitta bread, houmous, peppers and olives
  • Ratatouille pasta


(Harry eating at nursery)

  • Leftover pasta
  • Spinach, feta and tomato tart


(Harry eating at nursery)

  • Chicken and cous cous salad
  • Beef casserole and dumplings


(Harry eating at nursery)

  • Prawn and avocado salad
  • Sweet chilli salmon with new potatoes and broccoli


  • Scrambled egg on toast
  • Lasagne with garlic bread and salad


  • Tuna savoury wraps
  • Thai green chicken curry

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