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Annabel Karmel’s Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book Review and Giveaway!

When the lovely people at team Annabel Karmel contacted me about their new Baby-Led Weaning recipe book I was excited to hear more about it.  I love finding new recipes for Harry to try and with another baby on the way I could use all the meal inspiration I can get!  It’s amazing how quickly you forget about those early days of weaning and, although it’s a long way off yet, I’m excited to learn ready for round 2 of our weaning adventures.

Our thoughts on the book

The ‘do what works for you’ approach to weaning in the book really struck a chord with me as I never fit into one weaning category.  We gave mostly finger foods like baby led weaning but also supported with a spoon.  At the time we received criticism for not doing pure traditional weaning or pure baby led weaning and it was difficult to hear when I knew I was following my baby’s lead and doing what was right for him.

Since starting my blog I hear more and more stories from people who’ve had similar experiences and I feel like Annabel Karmel has really taken note of the approach many parents are choosing towards weaning these days and is providing a book to reflect that.  You don’t have to fit into a specific weaning camp to wean your baby in a safe, healthy way.  Take what you like from baby led weaning and use it in a way that works for your baby.

When my copy of the recipe book arrived I couldn’t wait to have a look and get in the kitchen.  The introduction to the book is particularly useful for parents who are new to weaning and want some more information about the different types of weaning, how to start and some basic do’s and don’ts.  It is just the right amount of information without being overwhelming and I really like the fact that this has been included along with the recipes.


Carrot and banana cookies

The first recipe we tried from the book was the carrot and banana cookies.  They stood out to me as they looked easy to make, required little washing up afterwards and were refined sugar free so a healthy treat for Harry.

These were a huge success and Harry spent the rest of the afternoon banging on the kitchen door demanding, “More biscuits please Mummy!”

They tasted a little bit like a biscuit version of a carrot cake and I must admit I ate quite a few myself too!

Sweet potato and parsnip crisps

I love crisps, particularly vegetable ones, so I made these more for me than for Harry!  They were really quick and easy to make however I would advise you keep a close eye on the oven while they’re in as they cook so quickly and a minute or two too long in the oven leaves them completely burnt and ruined.

I decided to serve the crisps with two of the dips from the book.  I made the sweet chilli and cream cheese dip and the cottage cheese dip.  Both were ready in under 5 minutes and were really tasty.  They would be perfect served with veg dippers, pitta bread, breadsticks… Whatever you fancy!

Giveaway- Win a copy of Annabel Karmel’s Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book!

We are teaming up with the lovely people at team Annabel Karmel to offer two of our amazing Friendly First Foodies the chance to win a signed copy of Annabel Karmel’s Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book.  To win all you need to do is comment below with your favourite thing about weaning or what you are most looking forward to if you haven’t started already!

Our two winners will be chosen at random on Saturday 3rd June and will be announced on this post and notified via email.

UK entries only.

Good luck everyone!

For more information about Annabel Karmel’s new book and approach to baby-led weaning visit her website:



40 Replies to “Annabel Karmel’s Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book Review and Giveaway!”

  1. Our favourite thing about BLW was being able to leave the house with just a bib and knowing if it got to lunch time we could pop in to anywhere and get some lunch together.

  2. My favourite thing about weaning is the one on one time with baby! When you have a busy day of activities, or you have to work, mealtimes are extra special as you’re just focussed on each other and learning more about food x

  3. I love their faces when they are trying new food, I took some priceless pictures ! X

  4. My favourite part of weaning is all the funny faces my daughter makes whilst trying new flavours and textures. It’s also lovely to see her really enjoying a meal I’ve made for her and finding new recipes that suit the whole family.

  5. My favourite thing about baby led weaning is being able to give my daughter the same things as we are eating without having to blend it and spoon feed it to her. I really think it has helped her fine motor skills by being able to pick the food up herself. It also means I get to eat my food hot! Everyone’s a winner!

  6. I love BLW with my 3rd child as it gives me a chance to run after the other 2 kiddies – he will happily sit in his high chair for ages trying new things

  7. My favourite thing about weaning is seeing my wee girl chew and swallow food like a champ at 9 months and seeing her face light up when she eats something she likes.

  8. I love that my baby ate exactly what we ate but because of her we changed our way of cooking and introduced new foods to our family which has improved our over all health. Now at almost 2 she loves everything and will try new foods with ease.

  9. I love the satisfaction when receiving new flavors and tastes. Watching my 9 month old get so excited when food arrives to her and allowing her to explore at her own pace is the best Happy Baby = Happy Mummy

  10. I enjoy sharing meals with my daughter.
    I have found it fascinating watching her learn to eat, trying different things and developing likes and dislikes.

  11. My favourite thing has been how it made me look at what I eat too and together we have eaten some yummy new things (banana pancakes anyone!!) That I never would have know to cook before. I also love seeing our poor bottle feeder who hated feeds and refused to breast feed devour whatever I put in front of her.

  12. My favourite thing about weaning is that we can now all sit round the table as a family enjoying the same meal all together, with all of us getting to try new food and recipes

  13. My favourite thing about weaning was introducing my little one’s taste buds to different flavours and textures. It was lovely one to one time. I’ll never forget how she used to eat strawberries! It’s also encouraged us to eat healthier as a family. Everyone’s a winner!

  14. Baby girl due this september and I am already looking forward to seeing our little girls face when she tries food for the first time! xx

  15. I’m really looking forward to seeing my baby’s reaction when she tries new flavours and textures. I aim to introduce her to plenty of different foods and can’t wait to start the process!

  16. What I love most is just watching him eat, he has the cutest little mouth and makes such funny faces. I love watching him be willing to try Anything and I have loved watch him develop over the past 6 months; developing his pincer grip and using a fork etc. BLW has been so much fun.

  17. My favourite thing about weaning is seeing my daughter excited, So much so she sometimes pants and shakes in anticipation of the food going in her mouth 🙂

  18. My favourite thing about weaning my daughter is that after 7 months of hectic days where I barely had time to eat (and if I did, it was often gobbled down and rarely nutritious), I can now sit down for a lovely, slow-paced, healthy and sociable mealtime. Happy baby and happy mummy!

  19. I love the amazing faces that my son pulls. The wonder and amazement are clear for all to see! Looking forward to starting with my second son soon x

  20. My favourite thing about weaning is seeing my little one enjoy new flavours. My eldest loved butternut squash, lip smackingly so! Looking forward to seeing if my baby is the same.

  21. The enjoyment on my little mans face when eating his vegetables & the disgusted face when given cake! I’m sure it won’t last!

  22. Seeing how clever they are at feeding themselves from such a young age! It amazes me.

    And the mess!

  23. Just watching him explore and discover food for the first time, every new taste, texture and sometimes mess! It’s so much fun 🙂

  24. The excitement of watching him enjoying his food. Especially at 11 months and being able to chew on a corn on his cob.

  25. Love seeing her explore the food and decide whether she likes it or not (she always does)

  26. I loved bulk making fruit purees and freezing them when my daughter started feeding, I did purée and finger foods, now she’s 15months and eats everything we eat but I still use recipes from
    Annabelle Karmel, only yesterday did I make the mini chicken and potato pies which I saw posted on instagram! Now with another on the way I would love some fresh ideas!

    1. I love the idea of us all able to eat the same food together, rather than serving her mushed up food and her seeing our tasty food on our plates.

  27. I love the look on their face when they taste something new, whether they like it or not! A look of pure joy following a bit of banana just gives me the warm fuzzies. Wow, banana!!!

  28. I cannot wait to get started with my little monkey, she already pulls some fantastic faces with teething gel so I know it’s going to be a candid camera moment!

  29. My favourite thing about weaning is when i make my girls something new and they just sit and happily eat loads of it. Tuna pasta salad is the latest hit!

  30. The best thing about weaning was trying as many different foods as possible and how responsive he was to start eating! Now im so chuffed when he enjoys a meal its like a Mum high!! Xx

  31. I’m really looking forward to trying new foods with our baby girl. It’s going to be lots of fun. Our daughter is just about to start weaning and it will be great when she can eat what I cook for my other children.

  32. Our wee one is is 7.5months and still showing little interest in solids. My favourite thing about weening is trying to find new foods and ways of feeding to tempt her away from her milky diet

  33. I love annabels recipes. They are my go to books if I’m stuck for something to cook

  34. My favourite weaning event is that we’re all sat at the table having fun and spending time together.

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