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A cupboard full of food and nothing to eat?

Cupboard cuisine challengeThis week I have set our family a challenge, to only eat what is in the freezer, fridge and cupboards until most of it has gone!  My aim is to save money and reduce waste.  So often I find myself looking in a cupboard full of food and thinking, “There’s nothing to eat.”  Well it’s about time I told myself that there is plenty to eat!  I am going to stop buying food to feed the cupboard and start buying it to feed my family.

The only food we are allowed to buy during this challenge is fresh fruit, vegetables and any other perishables as and when they run out.  I am planning meals that will use up ingredients before they go off so hopefully nothing will be wasted and everything will be used.

I’m surprised to say (and yes, it’s only 3 days into the challenge) that I am really enjoying cooking this way!  It is making me think outside the box and try things that I wouldn’t usually.

Once my cupboards are clear I am hoping to operate a ‘buy what you plan for’ policy and only buy the foods to make the meals I have planned for the week.

So wish me luck! Please feel free to share any meal suggestions using the foods on my list, I would really appreciate it!

How do you organise your meals for the week?  Do you have an amazing, money saving, waste reducing way of planning?  I’d love to hear all of your ideas and suggestions!

If you are doing a challenge like this of your own please join me in sharing your progress on #cupboardcuisine !

2 Replies to “A cupboard full of food and nothing to eat?”

  1. Kayley the webpage is amazing!! We are also doing a eat what’s in the cupboards week. Tonight we are having noodles and veg stir fry! X

    1. Aw thank you Hun!
      I’m tracking my progress using
      #cupboardcuisine on Instagram if you want to share ideas and progress!

      Trying to use everything up to do some more organised meal planning from now on! I need tips from you!

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