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Chocolate banana flapjack

We ran out of snacks yesterday and the kids were getting hangry!  (It was 9 am so didn’t bode well!)  I decided to rummage in the cupboards and see what I could make for them to avoid a non essential trip to the shops. Read more →

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Pop Tarts!

I don’t know about you but I love pop tarts!  They’re a real guilty pleasure of mine as... Read more →

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  • Bribes...
I'm not ashamed to say it. I needed an ace card.  This was it. Chocolate ice cream dippy eggs! Got a good 2 minutes peace and quiet from these bad boys!

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  • Thank goodness for leftovers! The kids lunch today was whatever needed using up, lovingly thrown in a yumbox! They thought it was a special treat, I was just relieved they ate it without any complaints. They've been hard work this morning, bickering one minute then playing together like angels the next. I've just stuck them in front of the TV to watch Tangled while I load the dishwasher and have a cup of tea. I'd feel guilty but we spent all morning in the garden and I need a break lol. Also think I may take them out for a walk after.. Harry's been round the block once or twice since lockdown started but Megan hasn't left this house for 3 weeks now and I worry about that.. I worry about taking her out too though... it's so hard to know what to do for the best isn't it!
Also, if anyone has any Netflix or Prime kids film recommends please let me know! I'm fed up of PJ Masks and Pokemon on repeat!😬

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  • Screw you Coronavirus! Today I plan on winning at lockdown life!
Posing like a complete idiot because today, I feel positive... We may be stuck in the house, I may have a scary number of grey hairs showing on this less than flattering photo and my house may look like it's been hit by a tornado BUT the sun is shining, I've got a few loads of washing done today, the cheesy music is blasting in the garden while the kids play and I feel happy and positive. And that's something to celebrate with a goofy photo or two, right? X
I've made a 'lockdown playlist' of songs that make me smile or laugh when I hear them, it's got beauties like 'I want to break free', 'together again', 'don't stand so close to me', 'rather be' and of course good old HSM with 'we're all in this together'! Alistair doesn't approve of my music choices but I think I'm hilarious! 😂 What would you have on your 'lockdown playlist'? Let's give each other a good laugh! 🌈💚 #mumlife
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  • Gooooood mooornniiiiing!!!
Not to brag but so far, I am winning at today! (I am aware it's only 10.30am but still, gatta celebrate the little achievements!) I managed to have a cup of tea in bed, washed, make up on, washload done and on the line, another washload in, made smoothies for the kids and also made some chocobanana flapjacks as we've run out of snacks and are waiting to do a big shop tomorrow.
They were super quick and easy to make, they're also relatively healthy. Let me know if you'd like the recipe x
 We have beautiful blue skies here and sunshine.  I swear that's why I'm feeling more energised and motivated. I hope you are having an amazing start to the day! Sending you sunny vibes and virtual hugs wherever you are xxx

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