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What’s in Harry’s Christmas Stocking?

I’m so excited for Christmas this year!  Harry really understands what’s going on and it’s our first year as a family of 4.   I’ve been asked a few times what stocking fillers I’ve got for Harry so I thought I’d share with a really quick blog post.  Want to see what’s in Harry’s Christmas stocking?  Keep reading!



Most of Harry’s stocking fillers were from Home Bargains, Wilkos or B&M Bargains.  They all cost less than £5 and are just silly little things that I think he will enjoy.  When I was younger we didn’t have stockings on Christmas morning but Alistair has fond memories of piling into one bedroom to all open their stockings together in the morning before going downstairs, so it was a tradition we wanted to start with our children.

Harry’s stocking will be hung on his bedroom door on Christmas eve for Santa to fill up because I prefer that to the idea of it being ok for a strange man to be in his bedroom. Plus it will make it easier for Santa to fill without waking him up! 😉

I have wrapped all of Harry’s stocking fillers individually inside the stocking because, let face it, unwrapping them is the best bit anyway!

Inside will be:

  • An Organix selection box  Harry still thinks these are the best treat ever and I love them because they are healthy treats!  Win win!  IInside are Organic Mini Gingerbread Men Biscuits, Organic Fruit Shapes, Organic Apple & Raspberry Soft Oaty Bars, Organic Apple & Orange Soft Oaty Bars and Organic Alphabet Biscuits.  I’ll be surprised if these last til Boxing day!
  • Blox fire engine set This is from Wilkos and is basically like cheap Lego.  I thought Harry would enjoy building this with his daddy.
  • Blox police van
  • A dinosaur egg  You put it in water and over the course of 48hrs it cracks and hatches!  He will love watching this!
  • A recorder Harry really enjoyed the little plastic whistles that I put in our trick or treat bowl at Halloween so I thought he would really enjoy this.  I may live to regret it though!
  • An electric toothbrush Every morning and evening is a battle to get Harry to brush his teeth at the moment.  I’m hoping the novelty of this will help.  If you have any tips for getting children to brush their teeth please let me know!
  • A swimming fish A cheap wind up toy for the bath.  Harry has a bath every night and loves the water so I know he’ll love splashing around and chasing after this!
  • A crawling spiderman toy I’ve no idea how good this will be but it was a good cheap novelty item, you throw it at a wall and it crawls down!
  • Adopt a dino cuddly toy Harry loves dinosaurs so I thought this was quite cute as a little stocking filler.
  • A knitted penguin This was a gift that he received at the toddler group Christmas party but has forgotten about so it’s been wrapped and added to his stocking!
  • A Trolls character Again, he was given this ages ago and has forgotten about it so  it’s going in!


For Harry’s main present we have got him the Go Jetters Jet Pad as he’s obsessed with them at the moment!  We’ve also got him Grand Master Glitch.

As a few little extras I’ve got him a dinosaur small world set and a farm yard one too.  These were on offer in Sainsburys during their toy sale so I got them a while ago and hid them away for Christmas.

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