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Slimming world update, meal plan and Alistair’s observations on how I’m doing

Last week was a bad weigh in for me.  I gained 4lbs and was absolutely gutted.  I’ll be honest, it really knocked me and I had a bit of a wobble about carrying on.  I felt unmotivated and fed up.  With Easter round the corner I just wanted to eat all the chocolate and forget about losing weight.

But I decided to try and turn it around, to plan meals that I would look forward to and try and get myself excited about eating healthily again.  I planned new meals that I hadn’t tried before and some old favourites and ended up really enjoying meal times again.  I had weigh in this morning and have lost 3.5lbs this week, just half a pound short of what I gained last week.  It feels really good to be back on track again and I’m just 3.5lbs away from my club 10 award now which is great motivation.

Some of my favourite meals from last week:

Weetabix and berries
apple and cinnamon porridge
crustless quiche, bacon, beans and mushrooms

You can find the quiche recipe here

Syn free tomato soup, Alistair was sure it was a tin of Heinz it was so tasty!

You can find the soup recipe here.

Fajita salad bown (Weight watchers wrap, toasted for the bowl as my HeB and Quark instead of creme fresh made it syn free)
Dirty fries

You can find the recipe here.

Alistair’s thoughts on my Slimming World journey so far

Alistair isn’t attending group with me but is eating the Slimming World friendly evening meals I make.  I came downstairs before weigh in this morning to hear him sniggering to himself. Then he sent me this.  It was too funny not to share and probably does explain why my weight loss is slow and steady rather than fast.   I’m not fussed about that.  If this is a lifestyle change that I’m going to stick to forever then I have to treat it as a marathon and not a sprint… and allow myself the occasional slice of stolen pizza.

One thing I do think has helped my weight loss this week is exercise.  I’ve walked a lot.  I’ve also been wearing Megan in the sling a lot and went swimming with Harry, all of which I’m sure helped.

Next week’s meal plan

So on to the week ahead.  I’d love to shift another 2lbs so I’ve done a big shop today and am planned and prepared for the week ahead.  Here’s what we will be eating.

Monday: Beef casserole

Tuesday: Cajun chicken and chips with salad

Wednesday: Pasta arrabiata

Thursday: Fish pie

Friday: Dirty fries

Saturday: Beef stroganoff

Sunday: Sausage casserole

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