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Slimming World Meal Plan

This is going to be a really short one this week.

I’ve just got in from weigh in and I’ve now lost 11.5lbs in total.  I lost 1.5 this week and the weight seems to be coming off slow and steady.

Today has been stressful.  Harry and Megan have been hard work.  We decided to go out to the shops before I meal planned because we were going stir crazy and that became another ordeal in itself.

I managed to get things for meals so we should be ok but I didn’t like shopping without a list and a plan.  Next week I’m definitely going to be more organised!  I’m so close to losing my first stone and I’m more determined than ever to get the weight off.

Part of my plan for this week is to reduce my extra healthy extras.  Megan’s started weaning and, although not eating much food yet she’s definitely getting some and I want to make sure I’m not over eating.  The bonus of this weaning her is getting me excited about food in a whole new way again and hopefully will be an extra boost to keep us eating healthy!

What are we eating this week?

Monday Jacket potato, cheese and beans

Tuesday Beef burger, salad and sweet potato chips

Wednesday Slow cooker BBQ pulled pork in tortilla wraps with salad

Thursday Minted lamb with mashed potato and vegetables

Friday Chicken tika masala (You can find the recipe here)

Saturday Pinch of Nom chicken kebab (You can find the recipe here)

Sunday Sausage casserole

What are you eating this week?  Do you like to meal plan?

I love to get inspiration from other people so please share your favourite meal ideas in the comments!

Here’s to a healthy, happy week all round 🙂

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