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Slimming World Meal Plan: How I’m managing my healthy extras while breastfeeding a 9 month old

I’m back on it!!  I’ve been back on plan with Slimming World for a week now, to find out how I’m doing, what meals I’ve enjoyed and what I’ll be eating this week, keep reading!

Finally, after a month of thinking I could eat what I like and watching the weight creep back on I’m back on plan.  I lost 1.5lbs this week which, lets face it, is disappointing considering how well behaved I was, but a loss is a loss and I’ll take it.

One of the main things I’ve struggled with is managing my extra healthy extras while Megan is weaning.  She’s now 9 months old and eating well but still feeds at least 3 times a day and at least twice at night.  The guidance on how to drop your breastfeeding healthy extras is incredibly vague as, lets face it, one size is never going to fit all.  Before weaning, Slimming World advise 4 a choices and 2 b choices, which I was having most days and losing weight fine.  Now that Megan is feeding less though I feel like I need to reduce what I’m having if I want to keep losing weight.  Honestly, it’s hard though!

My plan is to have 3 a choices and 1 b choice and see how I go.  If I have days where Meggy feeds more and my body craves more I’ll let myself have more but I’m trying to use my syns for my second b choice when I have it.  I don’t know if this is the right way to be doing it but it’s such a grey area that I’m just feeling my way in the dark at the moment and trial and error is going to be the way forwards for now.

My favourite meals from last week

I’ve mixed it up this week and tried some new recipes.   Our favourites had to be the Hunters chicken and Halloumi couscous burgers, both from Pinch of Nom.  The whole family loved them!

This week’s meal plan

Monday: Jacket potato with fat free cottage cheese and salad (full fat cottage cheese for the children.)

Tuesday: Salmon and dill traybake

Wednesday: BBQ chicken with dusted wedges and coleslaw

Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs (we make meatballs in bulk and freeze them for a fast and easy meal!)

Friday: Doner Kebab Fakeaway

Saturday: Lamb Tagine

Sunday: BBQ! homemade burgers, low syn sausages, chicken kebabs, salad, corn on the cob, couscous and pasta salad.



I don’t meal plan my lunches but these are some of the things I’ll be eating.

  • Homemade Slimming World chips
  • Curried chickpea loaf
  • Homemade vegetable chilli nachos
  • Speedy tomato soup
  • Couscous and roasted vegetables

I’ve started sharing my daily food diaries on my Insta stories!  If you’d like to see them make sure you follow me on Instagram!

What are you eating this week?

How did you manage your healthy extras when your baby started weaning?

I’d love you to share!



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