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Our weaning favourites!

Lots of people have been asking on my social media what our favourite weaning products are and what we’d recommend.  These are just a few of our favourite things that we’ve been using while weaning Megan.


We’ve been loving using our Bobo and Boo bamboo plate and bowl . I absolutely love these and love the idea of not using plastic.  Plus they’re really pretty, clean well and are really sturdy.

Megan isn’t too keen on cups yet but I’m a big fan of the Tommy Tippee free flow cups.  Harry used these and found them so much easier than the no spill alternatives so that’s what we’re using again.  I’m also a big fan of the 360 cups and will try her with these once she gets a bit older.


Megan seems to be an independent woman who only wants to feed herself.  She is pretty nifty already with these MAM dippers.  They are much easier for babies to use than traditional spoons, hold yoghurt well and have the wide bit to stop babies pushing them too far into their mouths.  We’re big fans of these!

We also really like the spoon that came with our Easy Mat.  It’s got a really soft tip which makes it easy for Megan to use without poking her eye out.



Let’s face it, a bib is just there to catch mess so whichever you choose I’m sure will do the job however I had to share these beautiful Nuby bibs.  They’re wipe clean and you can choose to have them as either long bibs or with a scoop bottom to catch dropped food.  They’re nice and lightweight, wipe clean and, lets face it, really pretty!

I also love the long sleaved bibs you can buy in most supermarkets.  We got Harry’s from Sainsburys and they’re great for protecting clothes.  They do need cleaning in the washing machine though which means you would struggle to use them for 3 meals a day unless you buy quite a few.  We also had long sleaved Ikea ones but I’m sure I heard that they stopped making them.  I’ll have to look into that and let you know because they were really good!


High Chair

Both Harry and Megan have Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs.  We love these because we love eating together at the table as a family.  I also love how they grow with the child and mean that as they grow up they are always sat at the correct height for the table and have good posture while eating.

We got Megan’s tripp trapp recently and Harry’s face lit up when he saw that she could sit at the table with us.


When Harry was weaning I never saw the need to buy any fancy mats to put his food on.  It went on a plate and him occasionally throwing it on the floor was just part of the experience.  This time around we’ve used several different feeding mats, two of which I’d recommend.

We love our East Tots Easy Mat , especially the mini for out and about. It folds up really small, you can store your food in it whilst you’re travelling and it sticks to most high chairs really well.  We also use our Nuby ‘no slip’ mat, which stays put really well on our table cloth at home.  I tend to use either of these at home, depending on which is in the wash and which is clean!

Recipe books

Obviously this is the ideal place to plug the recipe page on my blog! Generally, Megan will eat what Harry eats just cut in easy to pick up pieces.  For specific baby led weaning recipes however I am a fan of Gill Rapley’s Baby Led Weaning Cookbook It’s great if you’re new to Baby Led Weaning and want a quick and easy introduction to it along with some simple recipes.  This was the first recipe book I bought when I started weaning Harry.

I also really like the recipes in Annabel Karmel’s Baby Led Weaning recipe book and will definitely be using this for inspiration.  Harry particularly liked the dips from this one and they were really quick and easy to make!



Honestly, for this one, I don’t think you NEED anything other than the food you are feeding the rest of the family (Minus and salt or sugar).  That said I am all for anything that helps to make your life easier.  We didn’t use many pouches or pre made foods with Harry and haven’t at all so far with Megan, we did however use lots of the Ella’s prunes pouches when Harry got a little ‘bunged up’ and they worked a charm so I’d definitely recommend them!




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