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Open letter to my local Aldi (And a polite request)

Dear the staff at my local Aldi,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m  Kayley, 29 year old mum of two.  I have a two and a half year old son who is obsessed with your ‘hoops’ cereal and a 3 month old baby who loves ‘decorating’ your Mamia nappies. (TMI?) My husband and I buy 99% of our household groceries from your store and have done for several years now.  I share lots of your products in the meal plans on my blog.

First, let me say that I love your shop.  Aldi allows me to put food in my family’s bellies and nappies on my babies bottoms without breaking the bank.  The quality of food is on par with major brands and the gin is a definite winner.  Nowhere else could I have been running in to get some potatoes and come home with a full set of Mr Men books and an electric sander, which were in the same aisle!

In addition to the great value and sometimes bonkers and brilliant range of things for sale the staff are always friendly and helpful.  They always make the time to say hello to my toddler and tell him how helpful he is as he takes the things straight out of the trolley again that I just threw in at lightning speed.  (The Aldi speed packing race is another fun reason I love shopping with you.)

You never pull judgy faces when you see my son munching on an apple to  keep him quiet and content while I try and remember everything on my list and always smile and tell me it’s ok as you put the already opened pack through at the checkout.  (Unlike some judgy pants at a supermarket down the road.)

Recently you have added safety straps to the toddler seats in your trolleys and provided even more parent and child parking spaces.  I really feel like you care about making parents’ shopping experiences as hassle free as possible.  You also have one of the best things I’ve seen in any supermarket.. Trolleys with both a baby seat and a toddler seat!  These would make my shopping experience so much easier and I haven’t seen them anywhere else.  Could I ask a huge favour though, please could you put these holy grail of amazing trolleys under the shelter?  There are currently two rows of big trolleys and a row of small trolleys under the shelter and the ‘family’ trolleys are always out in the rain or snow, making them unusable unless I remember a towel (which baby brain prevents me from doing.)

Would it be possible to put these trolleys under the shelter?  There is usually a space where another row could go and I’m sure lots of parents like me would be so grateful.  I did ask the last time I came in and you very kindly said that you have blue roll that I can request at the till to dry the trolley before use, which is wonderful and lovely however, have you ever tried ‘just nipping in’ to a supermarket with a baby and toddler in tow without having them strapped in to a trolley?  It’s not as easy as it sounds (just a simple trip to the shops takes military planning and precision already!)

This morning the baby and toddler trolleys were covered in frost because they were out of the shelter.
They could easily be put against the wall, to the right of the other trolleys

Thank you so much for your time,

I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon to stock up on nappies, apples and whatever wierd and wonderful thing you are selling this week.

Best wishes,



2 Replies to “Open letter to my local Aldi (And a polite request)”

  1. Great letter to Aldi…our local Homebase has a sign requesting customers to park those kind of trolleys under cover… it’s not until you have kids that you appreciate these little touches to daily life!

  2. Fantastic. Please send to all other chain stores too please so we can get some good shopping experiences everywhere. I also would recommend (if that’s ok) that they have a trolley park right next to the parent spaces because it’s amazing the decibel increase from zero if you dare leave your (was) sleeping child in the car alone for 30 seconds whil you return the trolley!

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