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My story

I’m Kayley, 30 year old Mummy to Harry (2yrs) and Megan (6 months) and wife to Alistair.  We live in Stockport close to where we both grew up.  I’m a lover of wine, cheesy 90s music and complete beginner in the kitchen.  I didn’t cook much before I had children.  Alistair always did the cooking in our house and I was happy to let him.

When Harry started weaning, I’ll be honest, I was completely daunted by the whole experience.

I started looking around on the internet and particularly Facebook for ‘mum groups’ where I could get ideas for simple, quick and easy meals that were healthy and suitable for my baby.  I was met with judgement and overwhelmed by the negativity that I received from some groups.  Apparently I was doing it all wrong and needed to fit into a weaning category or my child would suffer as a concequence. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and found it really hard not to take certain comments to heart.  I decided to set up my own weaning Facebook group where I could chat all things weaning with my friends without the judgement I had felt in other groups.   Somehow, the group grew, and grew and grew. More and more lovely, like minded parents joined and embraced the ‘no judgement’ ethos.  I found a support network and my confidence grew.  I became more experimental in the kitchen, reading up on weaning and started creating my own new recipes (Mostly due to living on a tight budget and needing to be creative with ingredients we had in the cupboard.)

After a while, a good friend and fellow blogger, suggested that I start a blog for all my recipes and meal plans.  I laughed at first because I thought no one would want to read my waffle but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I wanted to do it.  I wanted to write it for myself, whether anyone read it or not.  If it helped people along the way then that would be a bonus.  Plus, Alistair makes websites for a living so it was silly not to make the most of his skills!

Fast forward to now and Harry is well and truly weaned.  I fell pregnant again and after a long 9 months suffering with HG, Megan was born and our family was complete.    As our family has grown, so has my blog.  Our weaning journey has started all over again recently and we’re enjoying experiencing those firsts all over again with Megan.  I’m also making positive changes to my own diet and have joined Slimming World, so I’m sharing my journey on my blog too as well as the children’s.

Our Facebook group now has over 8000 members and I continued to be shocked by how much love and support my blog receives.

If you’re looking for fancy, aspirational recipes and family life then I’m probably not your girl.  If you’re looking for lazy, healthy meal ideas and a little taste of reality then you’ve come to the right place.  I’m not an expert, just a mum feeding my family as healthily as I can on as tight a budget as I can.

Thank you for joining us for the ride.