Mrs Mummy Harris – Why we weaned at 3 months old

When the lovely Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris asked if she could share her weaning story with us we jumped at the chance.  Here is her story:

Ben has always enjoyed food, to the point that we had to start weaning at only three months old. Yes it was early, but when your child is drinking over 40oz of milk, something is obviously needing to be done!


We started the weaning process with baby rice – but Ben found it to be bland so we changed to porridge and slowly introduced more complex flavours. Even to this day, Ben LOVES porridge. We’re now onto stage two porridge which is creamer than before – and looks almost how his dad has his weetabix (death by milk drownage and heated in the microwave yuck!)


We introduced Ben to some purees by Cow & Gate and even tried Ella’s Kitchen. Stage one purees were a big fat win! Our food routine was:


Mornings: Porridge

Lunch: Savoury pouch followed by a fruit pot

Dinner Savoury pouch followed by a dessert jar.


This until early December became a daily routine and a routine that we all loved to see. As someone with an unhealthy relationship with food, it was so lovely to know my child enjoys his food and doesnt have any hang ups about his meals!


Then came the dreaded bug. The Noro-bloody-virus! over 24 hours of projectile vomiting – A scene taken from the exorcist is the only way to explain it! He couldnt keep anything down, not even his milk. This unfortunately affected his appetite and once he was 100% better we reintroduced food to him.


Once his appetite increased we also introduced stage two food. Given that he was seven months old we felt he was more than ready to go to the next stage and the fact he seemed to demolish his food so quickly made us realise that this was the right thing to do.


Initially Ben seemed to choke on the stage 2 foods. But only on the savoury meals. The desserts were smoother in texture and didnt appear too different to stage 1 desserts in any event. We worried about Ben’s apparent choking and when it happened stopped the food for that meal and continued with dessert.


However surfing the net, I came across this reassuring beauty:



It made me realise Ben wasnt choking – it was his way of adapting to the new meals being provided and after a week or so he stopped the gagging and can now eat the meals problem free. OR SO WE THOUGHT….


He has now discovered he can keep his jaw shut and is so strong with it that we cant get him to open his mouth so when he has had enough, you really cant convince him a few more mouthfuls is all that is needed. This is proving an issue with his savoury meals as he is refusing to eat these after one or two spoonfuls.


It is now getting to the point where we’re debating whether to withdraw all desserts and fruit pots as he’ll still eat them without any trouble. The thought process behind this is that I dont want him to end up only eating sweet foods. But then I also worry if we do that then he’ll starve – but secretly I hope he’ll realise soon enough that if he doesn’t eat the savoury then he wont get an alternative option.


We’ve tried Philadelphia toasted sandwiches which seemed successful but he just scraps off the spread off of half the sandwich which is still a massive drop in what he was used to eating!


Is there any recommendations to overcome this issue we’re having?

If you have any tips please leave them in the comments!  I’d love to hear your ideas.

At Friendly First Foods we respect every parent’s right to wean their child the way that they feel is best and trust that parents make informed choices and know when their child is ready.  We always advise parents to consult with their health visitor if they are unsure if their baby is ready to wean or not.  For NHS guidelines on weaning and when your baby is ready please click here.

You can follow Lianne and Ben’s journey here:

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