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Mid January Meal Plan

I’m feeling motivated this week!  I’m fed up of looking in the mirror and being unhappy with my reflection.  I’ve always put so much time and effort into giving the children healthy meals but I’m guilty of not doing the same for myself.  Over the past 6 months I’ve gained a stone and a half and I’ve lost so much confidence.  It’s time to stop crying into my chocolate about it and do something to fix it!  I go on holiday in June and would love to be able to enjoy myself and don’t want fear of my wobbly bits to get in the way of that.

I’m good at dinner times as I’m cooking for the family and we eat the same but lunches are my downfall.  I love bread and eat way too much of it, usually it’s quicker to grab a piece of toast than it is to make myself something healthy so that’s what I do.  This week I’m going to go a whole week without bread.  I want to see if it helps as I’m sure it’s part of what’s making me feel bloated.

I’ve been out and done a big shop (Too big, I went £15 over my usual budget… oops) and am feeling ready and prepared to have a good week.

This week I’ve planned separate lunch ideas for myself and the kids, Harry will have packed lunches which I never really plan, just throw in a load of healthy bits in and a sandwich or a wrap.  Megan will eat the same as Harry.  I like to make her lunch at the same time as I make Harry’s as it saves me time later in the day.

So what are we eating?




  • Couscous, roasted veg, falafel and salad
  • Mediterranean quinoa, halloumi and roasted veg
  • Cheese and tomato omelette
  • Chickpea, strawberry and halloumi salad
  • Tomato soup
  •  Ham and egg salad

A few examples of the sort of things Harry and Megan have for lunch


  • Chickpea burgers, sweet potato chips and salad
  • Slow cooker chicken casserole
  • Chilli nachos
  • Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans
  • Slow cooker beef casserole
  • Pasta and pesto with crispy bacon
  •  Sweet chilli salmon and rice

What meals are on your meal plan this week?  Has anyone here tried cutting down on bread?  Did you feel a difference?  I’d love any tips you have or any healthy lunch ideas that I could try!

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