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January Meal Plan: Veganuary!

Happy new year!

I haven’t share a meal plan on here for a while but I’m feeling motivated to get organised and we’re trying something different so I wanted to share!

January is always that month where money is tight and so are our clothes after all of the indulgence over Christmas so we’re trying something new to try and get healthy on a budget!  It’s Veganuary and we’ve decided to give it a go.  We often eat vegetarian meals once a week but the thought of preparing a vegan meal has always been a but intimidating to me.  I’ve decided to give it a go though and prepare a few vegan meals each week.  I’m hoping this will save us money, encourage us to try something new and make us eat more healthy vegetables!

We started last week by cooking sweet potato and spinach satay curry and it was delicious!  We really enjoyed it so I’ve planned 3 vegan meals for us to try this week.

I’m also trying to cook in bulk so we have plenty of meals ready in the freezer for the dreaded week before pay day!

I’ve planned 3 slow cooker meals this week to help on days when I’m working or when we’re likely to be out of the house a lot.  There’s nothing nicer than coming home to a hearty meal ready for you with when you’ve had a busy day!

Meal Plan

So, what are we eating?

I’ve planned out our evening meals for each day but lunches and breakfast I’ve just planned meals to have on whichever day we like!



Harry will be having packed lunches at school but this is what I’m planning to make:

  • Sandwiches
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Soup
  • Houmous and dippers
  • Mini veggie omelettes
  • Pasta with roasted pepper and tomato sauce


  • Chickpea and vegetable curry with rice and naan bread
  • Cottage pie
  • Avocado, tomato and lime linguine
  • Slow cooker apple gammon with homemade chips
  • Slow cooker sausage casserole
  • Falafel burgers
  • Slow cooker hunters chicken and homemade chips



Do you meal plan?  What are you eating this week?

I’d love any inspiration from you! Especially if you’re doing Veganuary too!

If you want recipes for any of the meals on this plan let me know and I’ll try to get one up after I’ve cooked it this week!


2 Replies to “January Meal Plan: Veganuary!”

  1. Cooking on a bootstrap peach and chickpea curry is immense and costs about a pound to make 🙂

    I’m not home yet but if u want any favourite recipes veganising drop me a message .

    If you want to borrow any recipe books I can bring them next time I see you xx

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