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Harry’s Space Themed Toddler Bedroom

We redecorated Harry’s bedroom a few months before Megan was born.  We chose a space theme because Alistair decided, as soon as I’d decorated it the first time, that a space theme would’ve been better and my mother in law has been buying space themed things ever since!  Luckily Harry seemed to like this idea too so when we came to redecorate it really was the only choice!  We decided to keep the walls a pale blue colour and add brightly coloured furnishings.

Harry’s curtains, lampshade and duvet cover are from Bluezoo and I love the bright colours on them.  They made it really easy to tie in all of the bright colours that we wanted to include.

This print is one of my favourite things in Harry’s room.  I love the bold colours, it’s just so Harry!  It was very kindly sent to us by, they do beautiful prints and I’d highly recommend them.  Megan has a hot air balloon one in her bedroom and I’ve got my eye on a few other prints they sell for elsewhere in the house.

They’ve also very kindly offered my followers 10% off any purchases with the discount code: FRIENDLY10

Harry loves books so having a bookcase in his room with books he could access was really important to us.  This one is from Ikea and is just a basic Kallax unit.  It’s perfect for toy storage too!  The books on top of the shelves are ‘Aliens love underpants‘ and ‘Alien School‘, they are two of Harry’s favourites, especially Alien School!

His bedtime story is one of Harry’s favourite times of the day, we got the books in the picture below from Books and Pieces, they have great deals of 3 for £10 on top titles and are offering my fantastic followers a 10% discount using the code: FirstFoods10

Harry also has a little chair in his room that he can sit on and read.  It seems to spend a lot of time in the bathroom at the moment though so he can stand on it to brush his teeth!  I’m not sure where the chair was from as it was a gift from Harry’s Grandma but it’s super cute and I love it!

Above Harry’s shelves is a world map canvas made up of landmarks and animals.  We had it up in Harry’s bedroom before we decorated and I had to put it back up again, I just love it so much!

To store his clothes Harry has a set of MALM Ikea drawers.  He doesn’t have a wardrobe for now because we wanted to save space and he doesn’t have a lot of clothes that need hanging up at the moment.

On the ceiling are glow in the dark stars.  Harry loves these and every night before he goes to sleep he asks me to lie on his bed with him and look at the stars.

Harry has a stair gate across the door to his bedroom for several reasons.  Although he is confident on the stairs, he may not be when he’s half asleep, just woken up and decides to help himself to breakfast.  He also has a strange obsession with trying to play in the toilet.  Having the gate means that he can play safely in his bedroom if I need to have a shower or do something without Harry in the room for a short amount of time.


There are still a few little bits that I’d like to buy for Harry’s bedroom.  I want a telescope for on his windowsill and maybe some planet stickers for on the wall.  For now though, considering we did it while I was heavily pregnant and suffering with HG, I’m really proud of it.  I’m so lucky that my mum helped by doing a lot of the painting and I think we made Harry a bedroom that is ‘out of this world’.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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