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Happy 2nd Birthday Harry!

Wow, I can’t even believe I’m writing this! 2 years old! Where did the time go?  The past few years have been a whirlwind of wonderful chaos and as fast as it’s gone I can’t remember life before our little monkey came into our lives.

I’m not going to ramble too much or get all soppy but I just wanted to take a minute to share some things about our little ray of sunshine that make him so special and bring a smile to our faces on a daily basis.

He loves his food

Let’s start with the obvious, Harry loves his food.  Always has.  The first thing he says in the morning when he gets up is “breakfast” and he is constantly trying to raid the fridge for fruit.  It’s so nice to have someone in the family who actually likes my cooking!

He’s really cheeky

I have loved seeing Harry’s personality come through and boy is he cheeky!  I predict he’ll be a future class clown and a really rough and tumble ‘lad’.  He likes to make little jokes and has the most amazing belly laugh.  One of his favourite games at the moment are to pretend he’s Peter Rabbit and shout “I’ll get you!” then run away laughing his head off while I chase him.  He also loves climbing on the coffee table, shouting, “Don’t worry Mummy!” and then leaping off into my arms.  He has no fear and I’m terrified most of the time but if I’m honest I love his adventurous spirit.  Other cheeky things he likes to do are to say “Yuk!” when he doesn’t like his food while sticking his tongue out, say no to me when I tell him to go to sleep and saying  “No, Mummy sleep, not Harry.” and to tell me off if I don’t brush my teeth at the same time as him.

He thinks he’s a dog

Harry’s best friend is my parent’s dog, Poppy.  He loves her, like really loves her!  He copies what she does, carrying sticks around in his mouth and drinking out of puddles.  Their bond is incredible.  If Poppy barks Harry joins in too, if Harry shouts Poppy barks.  If I tell Harry off and Poppy sees she is straight over, trying to get between us and barking at me as if to try and defend Harry.  I’m sure they have some sort of wierd bond as recently when Poppy was ill Harry was acting wierdly, talking about her a lot, asking “Poppy ok?” We found him cuddled up in bed that night cuddling a picture of himself and Poppy, I have no idea where he found it.

He’s fiercely independent

I can’t even peel a satsuma for him any more without him telling me off because he wanted to do it.  “Harry do it.”  is one of his favourite phrases at the moment and he is really stubborn about doing things himself.  I love how determined he is and watching him persevere with something he really wants to be able to do makes me so proud.

He’s caring

If he sees someone upset he goes to ask them if they are ok and give them a cuddle.  He has been known to say, “Don’t worry, it’s ok.” to try and comfort someone and it just makes me melt every time.

What can Harry do at 2 years old

  • Talk! He can communicate his needs pretty well verbally now.
  • Jump! He never stops, it’s his new favourite skill.
  • Count to 10, although he often misses out 5.
  • Name most of his colours.
  • Identify people he cares about by their voice in the phone as soon as they say hello!
  • Sing a wide variety of nursery rhymes. His favourite is The Wheels on the Bus and he likes to sing most in the bath!
  • Play imaginatively. He likes to pretend to be Peter Rabbit or make up little stories with his dinosaurs.
  • Throw one hell of a tantrum. Sorry Harry, it had to be on here!
  • Go up and down the stairs using the rail unaided, although we always supervise him when he does.
  • Draw circles (well he goes round  and round while saying circle).
  • Has a good sense of direction. He knows when we get close to the soft play/Nanna’s house/our house and starts shouting.
  • He has a memory like an elephant. We show him pictures of someone he hasn’t seen for months and he can name them, he will continue a tantrum for 3 days because he keeps remembering why he’s cross with me, he joins in with songs he hasn’t heard for ages or stories we haven’t read for s long time.
  • He can tell you the entire story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ word for word. He LOVES books!
  • He can make literally anyone smile.

Happy birthday to my precious boy. I love you so much. Thank you for brightening our world every day.

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